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How to Put Bolts in Rock Climbing Routes

two guys standing on top of a rock climbing

Guest Post from Brandon Villatoro (Travel Experta’s Son)

5 Step Process for How to Bolt a Route

Step 1

Find a climbable route and find a way to get to the top of it.

Find a tree or a stable rock to put the surrounding rope to set up a top rope, so you can rappel down.

If there isn’t a tree or a rock, then you can use a device called a Fifi. 

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fifi hook for climbing

A fifi is a hook the size of a cup, and it is used to hang on it to place the first bolt. Due to its open shape it offers very little strength and requires a great deal of caution when used.

If a fifi hook is being used as main rest support, using a backup carabiner is recommended.

Step 2 

Find the best locations to place bolts by looking for all the holds and possible rests to place bolts.

Try marking them with chalk to know exactly where to place the bolt later

Step 3

Use a hammer to lightly hit the areas of the rock to check if it is hollow and to make sure that its safe.

Step 4 

Drill the holes pretty deep and clean them by putting straw or long tube and blowing inside it to clean the dust.

Step 5 

Hammer the bolts in, then use a wrench to tighten them up.

This is a quick guide, but most importantly it’s best to go with someone who has done this already. And always follow safety precautions!

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How to Put Bolts in Rock Climbing Routes

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