Top 5 Boat Tours in South Florida You Should Try

Florida is surrounded by water, so it only makes sense to enjoy and explore the coast to the max. There are tons of things to do in South Florida, but the best way is to explore it by going on a boat tour along the waterways and even the everglades.

Best South Florida Boat Tours

south florida boat tours

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Blue Water Powerboat Rental

These guys offer tours around Peanut Island, Munyon Island, and the areas around Singer Island. You can also ask for private boat tours that include snorkeling. If you feel like doing something more exciting after your tour, they also rent jet skis, and CraighCats (a bit larger high-speed water vehicles for two passengers).

Diva Duck Boat Tours

Diva Duck Amphibious Tour is one of those truly unique attractions in South Florida! They offer a 75-minute narrated tour that starts as a bus ride in Downtown West Palm Beach through the main landmarks of the city. Somewhere along the way, it turns into a boat tour without you having to switch vehicles. You will be taken along the waterways and around Peanut Island.

Black Sparrow Pirate Ship

If you are looking for unique kid’s adventures in Florida this is your call! They offer boat rides along the waterways of Florida in a Pirate-themed boat and a crew in costumes telling pirate stories. If you prefer a more grown-up option, they also offer sunset tours and eco-adventures that include snorkeling.

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Cypress Airboats

This is meant for all those travelers looking for an Everglades boat tour. As can be expected during this tour you get the opportunity of looking at the local wildlife from a safe distance. There are crocodiles, manatees, and colorful birds waiting for you! Make sure to take the sunset tour for a better experience.

Visit Palm Beach

This company offers rides in their ‘Hakuna Matata’ catamaran that can carry up to 43 passengers. You can choose between a normal tour, or you can complement it with snorkeling, kayaking, jet ski rentals, wine tastings, and pizza evenings. There is also a private sailing charter and family package that includes: sailing, kayaking, swimming, and a thrilling ride on a ‘banana’ pulled by jet skis.

So what’s your style?

Things to do in South Florida – 5 Different Boat Tours

Last Updated on September 17, 2023

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  1. Air Boating is Fun to bad we dont have that many rides like that in Fort Lauderdale, we do more jet ski rentals down here.

  2. The Black Sparrow Pirate Ship is actually really fun for kids and family’s, we told many of our visitors about that company, the way they built the Black Pearl is almost identical from the movie…

  3. Very nice list of boating and water-sports activities to do in Florida, we do enjoy Fort Lauderdale and its water ways with amazing sight seeing tours we usually tell people about to check out. Needles to say great travel information and well said.

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