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Boat Tour In St. Thomas: Explore The Caribbean In A Day

If you’re on the lookout for your next family vacation destination, take a moment to imagine the Caribbean scenery with colors of blue, green, and white dominating your views. Get that well-deserved treat you’ve badly wanted for so long and take a day tour in St. Thomas. I have listed the Caribbean beaches you’ll get to visit if you do a boat tour in St. Thomas

Book a tour and let your tour guide take you to the famous local areas, the white sand beaches in the neighboring Caribbean islands, the hiking spots, some renowned sightseeing places, and of course, the best places to shop.

mountains trees and a boat tour in st thomas

Caribbean beaches to Visit on Boat Tour in St. Thomas

Reward yourself with a day in St. Thomas as you discover its beauty, record joyful memories through photos, and enjoy the sunset lounging by the beach with your loved ones. While you’re engaging in those wanderlusts, it’s time to take some action by getting yourself familiar with this boat tour first.

Here are some of the most famous Caribbean beaches you’ll be discovering if you book a boat tours in St. Thomas:

1. Magens Bay Beach

With a boat tour, you can see as many beaches and islands as you like. But of course, consider the location first since you wouldn’t want to waste too much on travel time. 

The first one on the list makes it the perfect choice for you. Found on the north shore of St. Thomas lies a mile-long beach called the Magens Bay Beach. It’s effortless to find as it’s just a mountain away from Charlotte Amalie. What’s good about this beach is the water is very calm, allowing it to be family-friendly and safe. 

People of all ages can swim and enjoy the calmness of the beach water. A minimal fee of USD$5 for tourists will be charged as an entrance fee. Also, you can find some picnic tables while choosing between the delectable snacks offered by the Magens Bay snack bar. 

2. Secret Harbour

Get your trip essentials packing checklist ready when you charter a yacht or book a boat trip and go to the Secret Harbour Beach Resort. This is another beach that’s great for families and couples. With crystal clear waters, you’ll have a great chance to enjoy snorkeling as there are many kinds of fishes underwater. Ensure to bring your own snorkel set, see the coral reefs, and observe the different species of animals.

This beach resort comes with chairs and hammocks, and they also have a restaurant incorporated in the hotel, so you can enjoy their food, amenities, and bathrooms. This beach is located on the east end of St. Thomas, and you can visit and have fun for a few hours while you’re on a boat tour with family or friends. 

3. Sapphire Beach

Windsurfers love this beach as they enjoy the water and take a look at St. John and offshore cays from a distance. This beach is also adored by many because of its astonishing turquoise blue water as well as the surrounding mountains. The sand is fine and white, and the shore is wide enough to accommodate many people who want to sunbathe or lie down on the sand. 

There are many other activity options you can enjoy aside from windsurfing. The list includes swimming, kayaking, parasailing, jet-skiing, and snorkeling. And when you’ve exhausted yourself enough, replenish your body and energy by taking a quick bite and drinks from the restaurant inside the Sapphire Beach Resort. 

4. Hull Bay

You might never have known this if you’re a tourist, but since you’d like to cherish St. Thomas like an actual resident, you’ll never get disappointed by visiting Hull Bay. This one is located on the island’s north shore, and you can expect the place to be serene as no other tourists might be familiar with it. It’s an even more excellent choice for your family to enjoy swimming and lounging by the beach with other locals.

With the sun’s extreme heat, the shades coming with the grape trees become useful if you want to lie down on the sands. There’s live music on the beach from time to time, making it even more appealing to chill and hang out by the beach.


There you have it! This list of beautiful beaches is among the best islands you can visit with a boat tour. Whether you hire a captain, go on a private tour, or join a group of tourists, these beaches mentioned are considered the best places to visit in St. Thomas. Get ready to enjoy your Caribbean trip, prepare for your adventure, and book a boat tour now.

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