Locally Fresh Vermont Food: Bluebird Barbecue in Burlington

Bluebird Restaurant Burlington Vermont
Bluebird Barbecue Restaurant sign in Vermont

Did you know that BBQ is considered a Vermont specialty? I know it’s more of a Texas thing, however, Barbecuing has become uber-popular in Vermont, and for good reason. Today you’re going to learn all you need about bluebird barbeque restaurant in Vermont!

Mixing ingredients of the barbecue with Vermont maple syrup and other local goodness makes it so unique and tasty, that it has become a must-try while visiting.

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Why Bluebird Restaurant for BBQ?

Whenever visiting a certain location, my goal is always to taste the most local, flavorful, and traditional meals. After doing a ton of research (yeah , I like to find the best food when traveling), Bluebird Barbecue Restaurant was without a doubt the best for Barbecues, family fun and so much more.

Location – The restaurant is located directly over the river, with great views and open-aired dining.

main dining room - Bluebird Restaurant Burlington Vermont
The main dining room at Bluebird Barbecue

Local Freshness – Whatever we asked the waitress about, she always made a point to explain that the majority of the ingredients were right from Vermont’s farms. Many of which were within a few miles of the restaurant. The only other place you can get this local is farmer’s markets. The biggest difference here is that instead of you slaving over the stove preparing what you bought at the market, you have a creative master doing it all for you. And it’s delicious. My kind of place.

Barbecue – The fact that Bluebird has won tons of awards for their BBQ specialties was definitely a big reason for us to arrive here. But that’s not the only reason we chose Bluebird.

Bluebird Barbecue

I have a confession to make I always look at the menus before coming to make sure that my sons will be able to eat. Gratefully, my oldest is getting easier and easier to please, but my five year old is way too picky.

family dinner - Bluebird Restaurant Burlington Vermont

So when I saw they have a platter called the Family Reunion (up to 4 people), I was so there.

First of all, I think every single restaurant in the world should have a sample platter of the majority of the dishes they offer. Some places have appetizer samplers, but none have samplers for dinner. Until Bluebird Barbecue.

The Family Reunion states on its menu – Serves 4. You get a little bit of everything.

And everything was right!

Family Reunion dish - Bluebird Restaurant Burlington Vermont

This amazing dish, which is huge and can feed way, way more than four people, has their best meats to try cooked all different ways. It also has all their sides, as well. The portions aren’t as large as they would be if you ordered them separately, but certainly big enough for everyone in your group to have a good tasting of each.

Most of the meats are cooked for up to 15 hours in their slow cooker, which is located outside, and thus making them so tender and juicy.

slow cooker - Bluebird Restaurant Burlington Vermont

My kids devoured the food. And this to me is the perfect measuring stick.

And my favorite, burnt ends. I have never had these before, but I think if I was given 100 more, I’d find a way to eat them all.

As full as we were, we made sure to leave room for a bit of dessert. Especially with our waitress giving us the run down on more fresh ingredients.

Vermont is a state where maple and dairy rule the land. So of course my kids need to have some of the homemade ice cream.

And for me, the Berry Shortcake.

strawberry shortcake - Bluebird Restaurant Burlington Vermont

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Information for Visiting Bluebird Barbecue in Vermont

There are actually two restaurants part of the Bluebird Vermont Brand:

Bluebird Coffee Stop – this is more of a cafe-style place where they serve breakfast, coffee, and Vermont’s special creamies, which is soft ice cream. You have to try the maple-flavored ones.

Bluebird Barbecue – This is the main restaurant

Specials offered

  • Every Sunday Night Kids Under 12 Eat Free with the purchase of an adult platter.
  • On Monday Nights get their delicious slow-smoked meats and BBQ-inspired sandwiches served up with a side for just $10, all night long.
  • Every Thursday at Bluebird Barbecue dig-in to a Southern favorite. Buttermilk brined, deep fried chicken.
  • Fly in early and dig in! Perfect bites for the after-work crowd or make it an early date-night. $10 Double Burger, Barbecue for Two $29.95

Last Updated on October 4, 2023

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  1. Yum! The food looks delicious and I love the open-air dining and the fresh, local ingredients.

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