Blackpool Ticks All the Boxes for an Action-Packed Break

Traditional seaside resort

Blackpool is surely the most traditional of British seaside resorts, this famous Lancashire destination home of seaside fish ‘n’ chips, donkey rides on the beach, sticks of teeth-breaking rock, candy floss, roller coasters and kiss-me-quick hats.

Blackpool has been enjoying a noticeable boom in visitor numbers over the past couple of years

Families of all ages have been coming here for generations and early travellers from a century ago would still recognise many aspects of the town.

Indeed, memories of childhood holidays and the associated nostalgia are just two of the key reasons why visitors return to Blackpool year after year, however the town has been enjoying a noticeable boom in visitor numbers over the past couple of years.

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Charms and attractions

The 1950s were THE decade as far as Blackpool is concerned. During those years the beach and promenade were crowded with visitors from dawn ’til dusk, holidaymakers not yet able to get their hands on cheap flights to alternative sunny destinations such as Spain, Greece and Portugal.

Once those markets opened up, Blackpool suffered a slow decline with visitor numbers falling to worryingly low numbers by the 1970s and 1980s.

Since then, there has been a slow improvement and thanks to the Covid-19 restrictions which prevented holidaymakers from travelling abroad, many have rediscovered the charms and attractions of Blackpool and the town has subsequently experienced a massive increase in visitors throughout the summer and winter seasons.

Investment and rejuvenation

Investment and rejuvenation have clearly played a big part in attracting holidaymakers back to Blackpool.

Returning visitors from just over a decade ago would be impressed by the redevelopment of large areas of the resort, most notably the promenade which has been completely rejuvenated from end-to-end and the new tram system which offers passengers a much-improved transport experience when compared to the rickety and somewhat unreliable trams of old.

New Blackpool hotels such as the five-star award winning BLVD Hotel Blackpool have added more accommodation options and all of these new developments are of the highest standard, while older establishments have been forced to upgrade their accommodation in the face of fiercer competition.

Visitors can enjoy some excellent deals on a wide range of hotels and attractions at Blackpool.com which also provides details of all the main events taking place each year.

Recently developed hotels in Blackpool have added more accommodation options for visitors to enjoy

Standing sentinel

Even the long-established attractions have been upgraded to offer a better all-round visitor experience. Blackpool Tower has been standing sentinel over the Promenade for 130 years (a milestone which it celebrates in 2024) but this attraction has been redeveloped in recent years to offer a fully enclosed viewing platform which includes a bar and tourist information panels, as well as a glass floor for those brave enough to peer down over 390 feet to the road below.

The Tower complex also includes several other attractions, one of the most popular being the Blackpool Tower Circus which has been wowing audiences for almost as long as the tower has been standing. 

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More sedate experience

For those looking for a slightly more sedate experience, Blackpool’s famous ballroom lies almost directly below the tower and for a small fee, visitors can see for themselves this marvel of Victorian architecture and even take their partners for a whirl around the dance floor to the music of the Wurlitzer.

Afternoon Tea is also available for those who prefer to sit and watch the action, while a bar offers refreshment to any weary dancers.

A stroll along one of the piers is also a relaxing way to spend a sunny summer’s afternoon, Blackpool unique amongst UK seaside resorts in having a trio of well-maintained piers, each with their own unique charm.

North Pier is the oldest of the three piers and this really is the one to head for if you just need some peace, quiet and bracing sea air. Central and South Piers are very much for the fun-seekers and they are both crammed with rides, amusements, restaurants and bars.

Here is where you can entertain the kids or even indulge in a much-needed refreshing pint or bacon roll.

Blackpool’s Central and South Piers are both crammed with rides, amusements, restaurants and bars

Thrills and excitement

For those seeking the ultimate in thrills and excitement, a visit to the popular Blackpool Pleasure Beach really is a must. This venue has been scaring the living daylights out of children, small adults and grown-ups every year since 1896 and here you will find some of the scariest rides in the country.

The Big One dominates everything here and this exciting ride is still one of the tallest and fastest rollercoasters in Europe. The Big Dipper and Grand National rides have been popular with Pleasure Beach visitors for generations, these old- fashioned wooden rollercoasters offering a unique thrill for passengers.

Infusion and Revolution are more modern rides which are hugely popular while the amazing Valhalla is a must for all visitors, as long as they have no objection to getting absolutely soaked along the way. 

Thrilling light show

No visit to Blackpool would be complete without taking a ride on one of the traditional Heritage Trams which ply their trade along the seafront. These old-fashioned trams gave way to more modern vehicles around a decade ago, but they are still a feature of the promenade and are very popular with tourists.

Advance booking is often necessary for a ride on these heritage trams, especially during peak periods such as school summer holidays and during the Illuminations.

Blackpool’s famous Illuminations offer a thrilling lightshow along six miles of promenade and they attract hundreds of thousands of visitors throughout the four months of the display. The best thing about the Illuminations is that they are completely free!!!

A genuine alternative

There can be no doubt at all that Blackpool is enjoying something of a resurgence right now.

Visitor numbers are climbing rapidly, attracted by excellent value-for-money and world- class Blackpool hotels and attractions, while the resort has enjoyed massive investment and improvement in recent years, to the extent that it is now a genuine alternative to Spain, Greece and Portugal for many families.

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Last Updated on November 18, 2023

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