The Biological Reserves In Costa Rica

If you have been reading my blog for a while you probably know that over 25% of Costa Rica’s territory is devoted to some kind of national park, biological reserve or private reserve. As a whole, the population of this country is working hard to protect the Costa Rica wildlife and plant species that live in it, as well as preserving the different habitats. People from all over the world are invited to visit and even help through volunteering or research programs.

If you are not a scientist and don’t have the time to volunteer, it is as simple as visiting the Biological Reserve of your choice, paying the entrance fee and following the conservation rules.

sloth found in a biological reserve in costa rica

Here are the names of Biological Reserves in Costa Rica:

If you are looking to visit one of the biological reserves in Costa Rica you should definitely consider one of the six I have listed below. They are awesome places and your visit allows them to keep working and protecting the local ecosystems.

  • Alberto Roberto Manuel Brenes Biological Reserve – Located close to the Arenal Volcano and protects the tropical forest. It was created to protect the local tropical forest.
  • Caño Island Biological Reserve – Cano island is located off of the shores of the Osa Peninsula, this marine reserve is one of the best places to visit in Costa Rica to enjoy marine life, snorkeling and diving is allowed.
  • Cerro las Vueltas Biological Reserve – It is located in the Puntarenas province, close to the pacific coast. It protects part of the moors that are in the highest parts of the Cordillera de Talamanca and oak forests.
  • Guayabo Island Biological Reserve – This one can be found in the Nicoya Peninsula, it is mainly dedicated to birds species. The islands are just off the coast of Playa Naranjo.
  • Hitoy Cerere Biological Reserve – You can find this one near the Cahuita National Park and is an almost un spoiled territiry because of the amount of rain it receives.
  • Lomas de Barbudal Biological Reserve – It is in Guanacaste and its main attractions are that it is home to 25% of the bees species and to many endangered trees.

As you can see there are many different options for you to choose from the next time you plan on traveling to Costa Rica. They are all doing a great job at preserving wildlife and plant species and it can be a fun learning experience.

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Last Updated on May 15, 2023

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