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BimBeriBon: Plant Based Comfort Food Restaurant in Asheville, NC

Comfort food is not exactly a term I use when it comes to eating.  But now that I have been introduced to it, it’s hard not to always look for it. And trust me, when you see it, you just know it!

My husband and I took our yearly getaway trip to Asheville, North Carolina while the kids stayed with their grandparents.

Asheville has been on my radar for years and years, and I finally decided to book our trip now that the kids are old enough, since it’s quite a ways from my parents’ house and will require us to leave them for more than two nights.

However, during the past six months, my family’s gone through a lot of nutritional changes now that our kids are training and focusing on climbing and competitions.

But not only have we been focusing on sports nutrition, but we’ve also gone almost completely plant-based foods.

Which can make searching for good eats a whole new adventure.

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Bimberibom Restaurant in Asheville

And that’s how I found Bimberibon!

Living in Guatemala we’ve been impressed with the seldom few restaurants offering plant based / vegan / vegetarian dishes, and used that as our reference, but this restaurant which prides itself on ‘Real Feelgood Food’ blew us away!!!

So much, that I truly wanted to taste practically everything that was plant-based on the menu.

The restaurant is owned and run by Chef Reza and his wife Eva. Their philosophy is, “Food is Joy” and the ‘comfort and welcoming’ of the place is so evident.

Eva greets you as you enter and has a true motherly wholesomeness about her. And Chef Reza, is the creator.

I’m not going to lie when I say we wanted to have a taste of everything on the menu. With just the two of us, there was no justifying it. But we still ended up going a bit nuts.

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Dishes at BimBeriBom

We never had a chance to try such unique plant-based and vegan food or dishes ever – Here’s a glimpse, so you get an idea.

Toasted bagel with Reza’s homemade cashew nut ‘cream cheese’ spread.

Chick pea omelet – 100% vegan with tempeh chorizo and plant based sausage

Avocado toast with caramelized onions

Quinoa Oat Waffle with fresh fruit – the waffle is 100% vegan

But I needed to taste the whipped flavored butter on top – it was worth every bite!

And I have another confession, this was only half of what we ordered. What can I say, we were like kids in a candy shop.

If we could, we would have been there for each and every meal, but we found it on the last day of our stay, and that was another reason for us going overboard with the ordering.

Also, this is a wheat-free and refined-sugar-free, gluten-free establishment.

Even if you’re not a vegan, plant-based, veggie eater, they have food for everyone, and you’ll understand what I mean by comfort food, once you’ve eaten here.

Take a look at this link to learn more about our favorite restaurants in the US.

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Bimberibon Plant Based Comfort Food Restaurant in Asheville

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