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Bikini Luxe the Ultimate Luxury Swimwear that Actually Gets You in the Water

bikini luxe - designer swimwear

So here’s the thing, and my family will fully agree with me on this one, getting me into the water either pool or ocean is a task they have long given up on.

I am not a water person. I love LOVE visiting the beach, but hate going into the surf.

I love taking my family to pools, luxury resorts with insane pools and water parks, but never EVER go in the water with them.

So getting me to put on a bathing suit and me actually entering the water, is a really big deal.

As a matter of fact, it’s such a big deal, that my family made me write this post because of the huge impact this bathing suit, which I bought from Bikini Luxe, has done for all of us.

Bikini Luxe – Specializing in Luxury Swimwear

Living in Guatemala our selection of swimsuits is extremely slim. So I have to resort to doing all my shopping for bathing suits online.

I’m not a big of shopping online, but my excuses of why I don’t ever go swimming with my kids was running out, so I promised them to finally get something.

That’s how I found Bikini Luxe and Shein beachwear.

bikini luxe - designer swimwear

After much searching, I fell in love with this swimsuit. It’s not exactly a bikini, but certainly is sexier than most swim suits I’ve ever owned.

And the bottom-line, it got me into the pool and to the beach with my family.

That’s a win-win for everyone.

bikini luxe - luxury swimwear


Use this coupon code: travelexperta15 to get 15% off your next purchase!

NOTE: If you buy a bathing suit that doesn’t fit right, which can happen. You can send it back and they pay for the shipping up to 14 days.

Bikini Luxe Company Info and Contact

Bikini Luxe was created in 2014 by Candice Galek with the goal of creating a one stop shop place for finding some of the best bikinis out there. It has already been featured on the BBC, Huffington Post, Forbes and many other.

Go to one of their social medias for giveaways and great discounts.

Instagram: @bikiniluxe
Facebook: BikiniLuxeSwim
Twitter: @bikiniluxe

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