Big Mountain Climbing Gym In Guatemala City

Special Guest Writer – Brandon Villatoro Kuperman (Travel Experta’s Son!)

Welcome to Big Mountain! One of the top climbing gyms where you can go climbing with your family, and one of the best things to do in Guatemala City.

The gym has a wall that is 13 meters tall. Other walls that allow you to create angles or inclinations for different climbing disciplines such as Bouldering (short climbs with no rope) and lead climbing or top roping (longer climbs with a rope). This wall has different levels of difficulty; there is even an obstacle course!

Climbing Gym in Guatemala - Big Mountain Review

When I went to Big Mountain the first thing I did was warm up on the bouldering wall so I don’t hurt myself.

>After that I started top roping with my friend because I started getting ready to red point (climbing the route but clipping the rope in the quickdraws placed on the route for safety) a very hard climb.

Big Mountain has many different and fun routes, there is even a roof (an area of the wall that goes perpendicular to the wall, like a roof.)

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It has bars for doing pull-ups and training board for your finger strength.

If you want to climb you will need another person to belay you with the rope.

If you are alone or your friend doesn’t know how to belay there are some routes that have an Auto-Belay system. It allows people of all ages, experts and non-experts, to make a climb without the need for another person.

A great place for family fun and if you want to come alone.

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Last Updated on September 26, 2023

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