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From the Big City to Living in the Countryside: What to Expect

It’s stated that 62.7% of the US population live in its cities. If a major city tends to be jammed packed another city will spring up and start filling up to accommodate those people, we can see this is true with New York City with Jersey City not too far away. However, there may be a time when we feel that we are so wrapped up in our schedules that we aren’t really living as time just seems to be slipping away.Three of the main things that is listed in this article you should expect when you make the move from the city to living in the countryside.


Living in the Countryside


Maybe you and your spouse happen to live in Jersey City and commute to New York City for work, but your lives are so busy you can’t stop to hear yourself think. You might ask yourself, what is more important, your career or your family? It could also be that you might want a change in pace and a different environment.  A simple solution to this dilemma is city life and country life! According to Tiger Moving, a movers Jersey City it’s important to plan ahead to see what you can expect in your move.

From the Big City to Living in the Countryside

1. Distance

Typically if you live in a rural setting, everything will take a vehicle to get to, so when you plan on taking a trip, try to multitask so you get everything done in one shot. Many rural towns don’t have mail delivery as they might have a local post office in town where you have a P.O. Box that you can access your mail from regular business hours. Every post office is different so you will have to check.

When you go shopping for groceries, you will want to stock up, particularly in the winter time when it is a possibility of getting snowed in. If you run out of something, you will be glad you have extra so you avoid long travels.  

2. Outsider Syndrome when Living in the Countryside

When you move to a smaller town, many people may not be comfortable with an outsider. Most people that come from small towns have lived there most of their lives, and it’s all about building trust with these people in your new area.

The best advice is to join a local church or find a group that meets locally so you can start getting to know these people. Living rural you might want to go introduce yourself to your neighbors as they could be a great asset and may invite you over for dinner or to a party so you can quickly bond with them.

3. You are Living in Nature when Living in the Countryside

Expect the night sky to be bright as stars illuminate the background. You also have to remember if your neighbors have livestock that aren’t censored like that you may see on television, so don’t be surprised if you see cows or horses mating.

That being said, your neighbor may have chickens and roosters that will be waking everyone within an earshot of their property. You might also have a neighbor that has a shooting range or hunts on their own property, so don’t be alarmed if you hear gunshots, that’s just part of life.  


When you aren’t planning for a change of setting for a short period of time a vacation planner will do. However as crazy as it might sound, moving out of a big city an living in the countryside is not only possible a fun thing to do all you need is careful consideration and planning, as well as having professional movers to get to your new destination. If you have a dream to be free from all the noise, pollution, and other headaches that come with living in the city, then you might take a chance out in the countryside.

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