The Best Week of My Life in the Galapagos Islands

the galapagos islands

Reflecting back on my life, the best week of my life has been the one I took on my recent trip to the Galapagos Islands. I must have been on one of the best Galapagos trips from Ecuador, and it was arranged by Ecuador and Galapagos Insiders, who provided me with all the information I needed to thoroughly enjoy my trip. While sunshine, crystal clear waters and spectacular scenery were some of the enjoyable aspects of this trip, it became clear very quickly that this was not your regular winter sun and sand vacation, but much, much more.

It is hard to describe just how wonderful the Galapagos Islands really are with words. Simply put, the new normal becomes walking on a rich variety of geological landscapes of beaches and cliff paths every day, spotting a weird and wonderful array of endemic species that are completely unafraid of humans. The delight of the Galapagos Islands commences before you even get on a boat. At the Puerto Ayora pier on Santa Cruz island, while waiting to board our yacht, there were plenty of highlights of what we might expect from the trip ahead of us. Sally Lightfoot crabs, brightly colored creatures of red and yellow scuttled across the rocks, and a lone sea lion lazed on the deck in the sunshine. Meanwhile, overhead we got our first glimpse of a frigate bird with its distinctive red pouch as it aimed to seek out a mate. At the same time a string of storks could be seen flying along in the distance. This all only served to increase my excitement. The anticipation further built as a school of dolphins began swimming and jumping in front of our boat within the first couple of hours of being on the water.

the galapagos islands

One of the most amazing parts of what must surely be one of the best Galapagos trips in Ecuador was the wonderful diversity of snorkeling opportunities I got to experience. In the case of my trip, Ecuador and Galapagos Insiders gave me information that my boat had snorkeling equipment for rent, but if going with a different provider you might want to check – as this is most definitely an experience not to be missed. On the very first day I was told we would be snorkeling with Galapagos sharks! While initially rather intimidating as an idea, in fact it was perfectly safe – nothing to fear. During the rest of my week, I saw penguins diving for a marine breakfast, and marine iguanas swimming under the water too. All of this was amazing in itself, but one of the best parts of the snorkeling experience was the fact that the young sea lions enjoy playing in the water and teasing their less skillful human counterparts.

Days in the Galapagos pass similarly in structure, but each is different in terms of what you will see. At Puerto Baquerizo Moreno we saw blue footed boobies, marine iguanas and sea lions, while on Santa Cruz, in the highlands we observed giant tortoises. This was a particular highlight, and we often heard these massive creatures before we saw them. Crashing through the undergrowth they would suddenly emerge from the long grass in the pathway in front of us, a magnificent sight to behold. At Cerro Dragon we watched bright pink flamingos searching for food in the cool green water lagoon. Meanwhile on Espanola Island we watched a waved albatross seemingly clumsily lumber along the cliff before eventually taking off, soaring high into the sky above us. White beach, pink beach, black beach, yellow beach. Every beach had a different color due to its unique geological make up and formation. This was one of the most surprising aspects about my trip, and which I was not expecting. While your trip might not be exactly the same as this, Ecuador and Galapagos Insiders can help you select the best Galapagos trips from Ecuador to suit your needs, offering information on the different islands and what you can see to help you plan your trip.

the galapagos islands

As well as taking in breath taking scenery every single day, and being awed by the birds and wildlife of these islands, this was also a trip of learning about the evolution of the species. Charles Darwin, the Father of Evolution visited these islands in the nineteenth century, and it was this that prompted his development of evolutionary theory. This was based on his observations regarding the various different finch species and how they had evolved on the different islands, with each species adapting in small ways to its environment. The theory was formed based on the different beak sizes and functions. We spent a splendid morning at the Charles Darwin Research Station, where a great deal more besides can be learned about the islands’ remarkable flora and fauna. This included learning about the tortoise breeding program that is carried out there. This aside, our naturalist guide was exceptionally knowledgeable about the islands and the species, and one of the best parts of this Galapagos trip in Ecuador was the information this guide imparted to us. We learned about everything from land iguana eating habits to blue footed booby mating rituals and much more in between.

Settling in for a cold beer on the deck on the last afternoon, I realized that all good things have to come to an end, and sadly, so did this extraordinary journey. Yet I hold onto my photographs and I will cherish these memories throughout my life. I truly believe that this trip was one of the best weeks of my life as a result of selecting one of the best Galapagos trips from Ecuador. This was organized for me by Ecuador and Galapagos Insiders, who are located in Ecuador, and who are highly knowledgeable experts in this field. The information I was provided in advance helped me to ensure I could make the most of this Galapagos trip from Ecuador, and I was equipped with everything I needed to enjoy my once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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  1. Hi Marina, I visited the Galapagos several years ago and yes it is one of most unique parts of the world–the birds not being afraid of me really was amusing. costaricalearntravel.com

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