Travel Advice – Best Ways to See a Country

Visiting another country is a great way to get a taste of life abroad, but so often, we just fly in, visit one area and leave again without really getting a feel for the country itself. If you want to get more out of your holidays and experience more of the countries you are visiting, it is worth planning your trip before you go. Take a look at this travel advice that includes four awesome tips that will allow you to explore a country in depth.

Travel Advice – 4 Tips on the Best Way to See a Country

Travel Advice

Do some research

Fortunately the internet is full of guides and reviews from people who have already been to your destination, and reading around before you leave can give you a better idea of what to see and what to avoid. You can use these to build up an itinerary of places you really do not want to miss, and build your own trip around them. Check out the websites of any sites of interest that you plan to visit, and you will find details of events and exhibitions that you might not have caught if you had just turned up. Look around for tickets to performances or sporting events that you can enjoy while you are away.

See what the country has to offer

Setting the time of your trip to coincide with a cultural event or holiday can make it a lot more exciting. If you want to catch Diwali in India, Oktoberfest in Munich or Mardi Gras in New Orleans, plan well in advance to find cheaper flights and book your accommodation in an area that is easily accessible to the events you want to experience. You may also find that some must-see attractions are only open seasonally or on certain days, so plan ahead to avoid disappointment when you arrive.

Traveling across a country


To get a real taste of a different country you need to get in there and see the landscape. The best ways to do this are by hiring a car such as insurance excess or booking bus or train travel to reach the different areas you plan to visit. While hiring a car allows you to stop at interesting places and see things you might otherwise have missed, public transport lets you sit back and watch the world unfold before you. You will get more of a feel for the place you are visiting, and maybe even discover a few places you had never heard of.

Get off the beaten track

Get away from the tourist zones and explore your surroundings on foot or via public transport to get a feel for each place, but ask around first to avoid any dangerous neighborhoods. Many transport timetables are available online, allowing you to map out your travel plan across a city before you get there. It is also a good idea to read up on local courtesies and taboos, and learn a few basic phrases to help you get around.

Last Updated on September 20, 2021

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