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What Is the Best Way to Get Your Passport Renewed?

There are many reasons why you may need a speedy resolution to Get Your Passport Renewed, Cross border travels are never easy, especially between the complicated flight schedule, flight delays, and lost luggage adding to your passport woes would be too much pressure. This is why you should have complete control over the aspects of your travels.Steps you need to follow to how to get your passport renewed if you are from Seattle, for your next trip.Find all the Travel tips and advice.

how to get your passport renewed

To be on the safe side for all cross border travels, your passport should be up to date and with more than 6 months left from its expiration date. If not, then you should consider to Get Your Passport Renewed.

How to Get Your Passport Renewed

What are the options?

Depending on how much time you have before you travel, you can choose one of two ways.

  • Routine passport application and renewal process
  • Use of an expedited passport renewal service

Both ways have core advantages about why you should settle for one over the other. The rule remains the same. For all new passport applications, you must appear in person and submit all your necessary documents. There is no way around this, regardless of the option you settle for. For passport renewals, most states allow you to apply and submit all documentation via mail.

The routine passport renewal process

This is the cheapest way for passport application and renewal. If you want to save on costs, you should plan your passport renewal well in advance before your international trip. The routine passport renewal process may take between 6-8 weeks before your passport arrives on your mail. It may take even longer if there are complications along the way.

The routine way demands all your attention and time throughout the entire process so you might consider freeing some of your schedules to get this done.

Make sure you meet the following criteria to get your passport renewed without any back and forth complications:

  • Your expired passport is not damaged beyond the normal wear and tear.
  • Your passport is neither stolen nor lost.
  • You were issued with your passport when you were at least 16 years old.
  • Your passport was issued within the past 15 years.
  • You have not changed your name.

For your passport renewal Seattle, the application process starts online when you download and fill in the renewal Form DS-82 from the US State Department website.

Attach a recently taken passport and pay the renewal fee as instructed either through money order or through a personal check to the U.S state department.

Remember to mail your expired passport as well. The mailing instructions are included in the Form DS-82.

Expedited passport renewal service

Though more costly, the benefits of using an expedite renewal service agency is more. Usually, these services come in handy when you have less than a month on your travel plans, and you do not have the time to push for a speedy resolve yourself.

How it works

There are three ways to get your passport expedited fast and easy.

  • You can submit your application at a regional passport processing center.
  • Ask for expedited services via mail.
  • Grant a private expediter to make the application on your behalf.

Choosing any of these methods determines how fast your passport is delivered to you and how much you want to be involved in the application process.

Usually, an expedited passport will take between 2-3 weeks, depending on the demand when you’re making your application. The more people apply for a passport, the more time it takes to process.

However, using a third-party service for your passport renewal US may take a few days to process your application but at an extra cost. You can save yourself a lot of time and frustrations from application errors and paperwork as well.

If you decide to use an expedited passport service/agency, the typical paperwork is accompanied by an authorization letter, which permits the agency to handle the renewal process on your behalf. Once the legal consent is granted, the private expeditor will assess your supporting documents to check for errors before submitting to the regional passport agency.

Afterward, you can agree with the expedite passport agency on the delivery terms of your passports. Most agencies can deliver your passport at your home, hotel or even the airport if you are in a hurry.

Now figure out how long will getting yous take. Can you get your passport in one day?

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