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Best Vacation Spots in the US For Your January Getaway

You may think that you drew the short straw by getting your vacation time in January, but you’ve honestly hit the jackpot.  Traveling in January means that your hotel won’t cost as much, your transportation costs will be lower, and there won’t be as many tourists out and about. Four different options that most of the different tastes out there for anyone searching for the Best Vacation Spots in the US for January.

January is an excellent time to take your coveted vacation, and why not start the year with some emotional and mental refreshment?  Take a look at a brief summary, featuring some of the best U.S. travel destinations for your January getaway.

Best Vacation Spots in the US

Best Vacation Spots in the US

1. Dallas, Texas

The uplifting and lively vibe of the culture in Dallas makes it a great place to visit no matter the time of year.  This Texan city is invested in hosting an array of community events and celebrations throughout the year, so there’s never a dull time to visit.  

If history is your forte, Dallas has a rich story.  Visit the Dealey Plaza area to indulge in factual presentations featuring the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.  

You can even take a tour of the route driven by the President’s motorcade that fateful day.  You may want to leave your own car at home, though, and pass on driving in Dallas, Texas.  The traffic is not one of the city’s finer features.  

2. The Florida Keys

Warm your body with the revitalizing energy of sunshine in the Florida Keys.  You can’t really go wrong choosing from over 100 little islands that make up the Keys.  

Every island has its perks, and you won’t find a bad view anywhere along the way.  This is definitely a trip you want to drive.

Snorkeling, scuba diving, kneeboarding, and other water adventures are so much cooler when the water is crystal clear.  The water off the coast of any one of the Florida Keys is some of the most gorgeous eye candy you’ve ever seen.  

3. Biloxi, Mississippi

You may not know about Biloxi, Mississippi, but you should.  This small coastal gem was hit hard by Katrina in 2005, but the area has recovered beautifully in the past years.  

Spend your free time enjoying the Gulf Coast views, and check out some of the areas finest hotels and casinos.  In January, the temperatures average somewhere in the 60s, so you won’t be shivering through this adventure.

4. Jackson Hole, Wyoming

If you love the snow and freezing temperatures of a brisk winter, there are plenty of drifts to ascend in Jackson Hole, Wyoming this time of year.  Go snow tubing, ice skating, snowmobiling, and skiing, as you enjoy the beauty of the area.

Jackson Hole is also quite near to Yellowstone National Park, and the off-season tours of the park are a great way to see the land in a whole new way.  Take a snow coach tour for the warm way to explore, or you can take a snowmobile tour to meet a little adventure.

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