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Best Types Of Winter Shoes For Men This Winter

Winter is an amazing time of the year to enjoy all the holidays and clothing and such. Footwear is one such fashion item for both men and women that have been on the rise in recent years. Unlike winter outfits for women, men always used to have a lack of options when it comes to footwear, and this gap in the past few years has been catching up. But the one category that even women don’t have many options for is the winter shoe category.

If women lack options, then imagine the state for men. But worry not, after careful studying, we have come up with some shoes that are made for summer and autumn that can become a potential replacement for the lack of options for men in the winter shoe category. In this article, we shall know more about these shoes and help you choose the right one.

Top Winter Shoes For Men In The Market

With that said, let us look at some good winter shoes for men available in the market. Other than the snow boots, all the other boots mentioned in this list can be worn during other seasons as well.

Winter Snow Boots

Winter snow boots are best suited for extremely cold conditions. Even if you feel confident enough that you can bear the cold, get a snow boot just in case. Of all the shoes mentioned in this article, these winter snow boots are the ones that provide maximum warmth. Hence keep that in mind when you buy one. You do not need too much warmth in winter as well, as this makes your feet sweat a lot which can become uncomfortable at times.

Winter Tactical Boots

One of Nortiv8’s best-selling shoes is the tactical boots. Winter tactical boots are sturdy. They are mainly used in the military, trekking, and hiking. Hence they ensure that they protect your feet at any cost. Though there are tactical boots for summer as well, winter tactical boots make sure to protect your feet, being able to withstand cold temperatures with ease. Because the tactical boots from Nortiv8 are also stylish looking, these boots are a wonderful choice for everyday purposes.

Chelsea Boots

Chelsea boots have turned out to become a winter favorite for many. This is partly because Chelsea boots are one of the few shoes that will make you look good when paired with most outfits. This includes winter outfits as well. Hence Men’s Chelsea Boots can be considered an all-season shoe as well. Thus if you don’t own a sneaker already, go buy one right now. You will never regret it.

Chukka Boots

The chukka boots for men are usually categorized into two types, formal chukkas, and casual chukka boots. The casual chukka boots are a great alternative to many other winter shoes. This is largely because of the material these chukka boots are made out of. Chukka boots from top brands are usually made out of materials that are winter friendly to some extent. This means you can wear them not just in summer and autumn but during winter as well.

Lace-Up Combat Boots

The lace-up winter boots are all about style. They go slightly above the ankle, which means they are stylish looking and are also great for winter. They also have lots of laces, hence can be used in light adventures like mountain climbing and trekking without having to constantly worry about the shoe getting loose or completely coming off. 

Penny Loafers

Penny loafers have a weird history. These shoes were made so that they can hold a penny that can be used in coin booths back in the early 19th century. Even since then, the trend for penny loafers has been on the rise.

Penny loafers can be matched with all semi-formal outfits, and some formal outfits as well. Hence if you plan on attending several parties or meetings and dinners this winter, a penny loafer is a must have. In addition, a penny loafer can be used during summer as well, hence buying one for winter would not be a waste of money.

Nortiv8 And Their Snow Boots For Men

 If you don’t know, Nortiv8 is one of the many shoe sellers in the market. But what makes them really stand out are their unique products. Firstly, Nortiv8’s niche is focused on adventure and mountaineering activities.

Hence the shoes they make are made out of strong and quality materials that can withstand the majority of the problems you might face.

Secondly, having been in the market for a long time, Nortiv8 has come up with shoes made out of high quality fabrics at an affordable price range. Additionally, Nortiv8 is one of the very few sellers that make shoes for men, women, and children. Hence you could shop for your whole family there. Go right away and shop their collection now. Also, have a look at Nortiv8’s Polar Bear Series for the top of the line shoes made for various adventures.


To conclude, though men may not have a lot of options in winter boots, they do have a great number of choices when picking other season shoes for winter. All the shoes mentioned in this article are one of the best that can easily be used during winter with winter outfits. With that said, make sure you pair your shoes with proper outfits to get that gentlemanly look you’ve always wanted.

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