Top 9 Best Truck Bed Tents (2024 Updated!)

These days, a camping life has become easy thanks to the truck bed tents. With the invention of varieties of truck bed tents, camping enthusiasts can protect themselves against harsh weather conditions while on their camping missions. These tents are not limited to camping only; while on the beaches and other places, you can also use a truck bed tent. When shopping for one, it’s advisable that you check your vehicle’s size to avoid an undersized or oversized tent. Furthermore, it’s also important to buy a heavy-duty tent because it is durable and can offer the comfort you need. Nine of the best truck bed tents that you can buy for your next adventure.

Best Truck Bed Tents

Best Truck Bed Tents

Having said that, let’s look at the top 9 best truck bed tents in 2018 that will not compromise your comfort as you camp outdoors.

9. Millard Truck Tent, Standard 6.5 ft Bed

If you have a standard truck, Millard truck tent is a good option for you as it can fit into the truck bends without hassle. The design of the tent features an inbuilt floor and many enhancements, thus offering a comfortable and clean environment. It also has fitted pockets that you can use to keep your stuff as well as a lantern hook for your lamp. It is suitable for trucks such as the Dodge Ram, Toyota Tundra, and the Ford F series.

8. Leoneva Portable Outdoor Full Size Short Bed

Fiberglass poles and waterproof fabric have been used to make the tent, thus making it durable and water-resistant. The tent also has straps and heavy-duty nylon catches. So, if you’re looking forward to camping with your family, thinking of fishing or hunting, Leoneva will suit you. Leoneva truck tent enables you to sleep above a dumpy and cold ground.

7. DAC Explorer SUV Tent

Are you looking for a truck tent that is easy to set up and remove? DAC Explorer fits your bill. It’s a light and portable tent designed for SUVs and trucks. The sturdy fabric that comes with this tent makes it tolerant to harsh weather thus making it one of the best truck bed tents today. It also has sturdy poles and outer door panels providing steady support and ventilation respectively. DAC Explorer has a tie and zip that provides privacy. Furthermore, the bungee cord and hooks make it easy to attach the tent to the truck.

6. Sportz Camo Truck Tent

The Sportz Camo tent has a head section, which is 5.7 feet and offers ample space. The hails fly offer protection during wet conditions while camping. The tent’s sleeve system and color-coded pole also enhance its look and arrangement inside the tent. Furthermore, the side ventilation and two wide openings are divided in the middle thus providing aeration. The tent also comes with six tent poles and four awning poles.

5. Rightline Gear-110730

The tent has a 6.5-feet bed, and it’s made up of strong fabric hence making it durable. It’s spacious, easy to set up, and water-resistant, and its design is amazing. The heavy-duty nylon clasps and straps offer support and protection. Rightline Gear is ideal for SUVs and trucks.

4. Napier 57122 Full-Size Sportz Truck Tent

Nylon taffeta and polyester materials have been used to manufacture this tent, and its poles are made of dura wrap fiberglass and steel. The Napier is the only truck bed tent that has a stitched floor. It has a large space with 5.6 feet of the head section and features side apertures and two big frames. The full rain-fly protects the campers from rain and wetness thus offering the needed comfort out there. You don’t need guide ropes and you can extend the 4 by 4 awning off the tailgate to have a shade. You can use it in Nissan Titian, Chevrolet Silverado, and GMC Sierra among others.

3. Sportz Truck Tent (Grey/Blue)

The design of this tent is quite simple and can accommodate two people. There is no need for guide ropes because the color-coded poles working together with the sleeve system provide support. The Sportz truck tent also features one large door, two mesh windows, and side vents providing ventilation. Furthermore, it includes a 4 by 4 awning, which provides extra shade.

2. Kodiak Canvas Truck Bed Tent

Kodiak Canvas just provides the fun, warm, and comfort you need outdoors. It’s a durable and sturdy tent thanks to its canvas materials. You don’t need any skills to assemble and can be done by one person. The headroom is great thus improving the functionality of the Kodiak Canvas. It has a door and large windows that provide good ventilation.

1. Sportz By Napier, Napier Backroads Truck Tent

Today, the Napier Backroads Truck Tent is one of the best truck tents in the market. It provides good shelter and protection to campers against bad weather; the shock-corded fiberglass provides firm support as well. Its simple design and light materials make it easy to assemble. It has a door and four large windows, which provide enough ventilation. The 5.5-ft headroom enhances the space of the truck bed tent. Its floor is lovely thus providing a comfortable environment.

Camping enthusiasts should never have to worry about their outdoor life. Having the best truck bed tent is what you need! Go for a simple truck bed tent with a good design and that can provide maximum performance in harsh weather conditions.

Last Updated on January 7, 2024

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