The Best Travel Scrapbooking Products for Your Adventures

Even in the digital age of the internet and social media, scrapbooking lives on.Items that everyone looking to do some travel Scrapbooking should have.Take a look at my list of Scrapbooking products.

There’s just something about collecting cherished physical items over time and putting them all together in one tangible place to hold onto as a keepsake.

Whether it’s stickers, movie tickets, photos, or frames, it all goes into one big beautiful memory book. Here are the products that are absolutely vital to any true scrapbooker.

We made a list of the best travel scrapbooking products online.

Green and Blue Paper
Anyone who scrapbooks knows that Oriental Trading has the cutest options. They’re a staple in the crafts world.

Travel Scrapbooking

At Oriental Trading, you’ll find a 50 pack of the cutest blue scrapping paper out there. Why do you need blues, you ask?

When you’re traveling, you most likely take a lot of photos near water. Whether it’s Greece or South America or somewhere else wonderfully exotic, water is most likely going to be in some of your photos. The blues that come in this pack will beautifully compliment the blues in your photos and bring out the color in the photo.

Even if they’re snow pictures, the blues will still be a good choice with the nice white of the snow.

Travel Scrapbooking

A good rule of thumb is to take all the photos you have and hold them up to color pallets on scrap booking websites to see if they match with the paper on sale. As you probably know, planning ahead is crucial when scrap booking!

Psst. By the way, you can find deals on Oriental Trading at coupon websites like Dealspotr and Brad’s Deals and get cute items cheaper. This way, you have fit more items in your scrap booking budget!

Letter Stamps
What’s better then the feeling of pressing down a stamp, lifting it up, and seeing what it looks like on paper?

Travel Scrapbooking

Letter stamps are the easiest way to spell out words for any occasion. This set of stamp letters comes in a stunning wood box and it’s under $20.

Travel Scrapbooking

It’s probably not a good idea to take this with you traveling as it’s a hefty wooden box, but keep this in your scrapbooking room for all your letter stamping needs!

48 Pack of Gel Pens is as straightforward as it gets in the scrapbooking community. They have all the best essentials and for pretty good prices.


Of course, when we’re talking essentials, we’re talking gel pens. How could you be a scrapbooker and not have gel pens?

Just buy this 48 pack and get it over with. You’re going to be buying one color after the other slowly over time anyway, so you might as well bite the bullet and get them all at once. They’re a must-have with travel scrapbooking, no matter what kind of style scrapbook you’re going for.

Scrapbooking Glue
Yes, there is special glue made specifically for scrapbooking. And it rocks!

Scrapbooking Products for Your Adventures

At Michaels, you’ll find scrapbooking glue made by Scotch that is designed to let you cover a large area without leaving lumpy bumps on the surface of your photos. Everything should be flat unless it’s supposed to have texture, so Scotch has come up with a way for you to stick paper onto surfaces flatly.

This glue applicator uses a sponge tip, so you can cover large amounts of surfaces without globbing on the glue.

Scrap Your Trip Road trip Products
Scrap Your Trip is quite possibly the best source for travel scrapbooking items.

Scrapbooking Products for Your Adventures

They have niche items that fit any type of traveling you do. Let’s say you’re traveling to Vegas and need specific stickers. They have that!

Scrapbooking Products for Your Adventures

Maybe you went on a cruise. They have that!

However, their road trip products are probably the best. Their simple, so they let the photos do the talking.

Scrapbooking Products for Your Adventures

Make it a road trip to remember by putting your photos in a simple scrapbook outline that’ll last for years.

Tacky Glue
You can’t have a scrapbooking list without including JOANN Fabric.

Scrapbooking Products for Your Adventures

When you need to stick things together that aren’t paper, you may need tacky glue.

This is when you’re having fun with buttons or keepsake items like beer bottle tops or a lucky coin or just something nifty that you found on your traveling journey that you want to keep forever. This tacky glue is useful for burlap, silk, wood, metal, glass, ceramic, plastic, and more.

Scrapbook on the Go
Scrapbooking requires careful consideration of what you want to being home to put in the scrapbook. Make it a little more organized by starting the process as you’re traveling!

Scrapbooking Products for Your Adventures

Instead of keeping trinkets, papers, and whatever else you want to scrapbook with crumbled loosely in your backpack until you get home, start putting together your scrapbook immediately.

The Scrapbooks on the Go from Barnes & Noble is your answer to torn paper and scuffed memorabilia. Let this guide teach you how to scrapbook and travel at the same time.

Create pages while you travel, know where to get photos printed wherever you are, and come home with your travel scrapbook already made! What’s more inspiring in making a travel scrapbook than when you’re already on the road?

This way, all your cherished items will already be in a neat scrapbook binder when you’re packing to head home by plane, train, boat, or car.

Save the Memories
Scrapbooking is one of the most fun hobbies ever. One of the best parts of traveling is knowing you’ll have a ton of beloved memories when it’s all over. You think a few steps ahead in that way, which is why you’re a scrapbooker. People who scrapbook don’t just love crafts, they love those unforgettable moments.

Last Updated on October 27, 2023

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