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Travel Accessories – Bags You Can’t Live Without

Traveling with kids is messy. It’s unorganized. And overloaded. Not to mention chaotic. So what’s a mama to do? Search for an organized solution.  Looking for the best travel accessories is the true key to stress-less travel.

Baggallini Travel Bags and Accessories seems to have it all – from toiletry bags, cosmetic bags, bags for clothes, bags of all sizes.

I decided to get the Trio Baggs which come in solid colors and clear.

Features of Baggallini – Best Travel Accessories

The clear bags come in a set of three and are differently sized for all your needs.

best travel accessories

I spaced them out for my toiletries so that it’s super accessible and I know exactly what I need. I have one for my bigger bottles like shampoos, cleanser, bug repellents, etc…

The smaller one is my beauty creams, toothpaste and brushes, and other small knick knacks that I can simply grab and go.

toiletries bag

The solid colored bags, which are really fun colored, come on a ring together and you can remove them to use which you want.

baggallini review

They have a shiny feel to them, which makes them silky and also easily wiped down.

travel bag accessories

They were the perfect size for my make up bag.

makeup travel bag

And most importantly for the first aid kit. This is something that simply is a must to add to all your travels. And before I had it in small bags, thrown all over the place. Now I can have it all organized and at hand’s reach if any of my kids do something that needs immediate attention.

first aid travel case

Where to Buy them:

Shopping via the Baggallini website is the best way to go.

Best Travel Accessories – Baggallini Review


2 thoughts on “Travel Accessories – Bags You Can’t Live Without

  1. When adulthood hits you so hard that you can’t leave without these kinds of things. I really love traveling and these bags are useful to me. Thank you for sharing 🙂

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