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Things to Do in Chicago – Best Tourism Hotspots In The Windy City

Chicago is a diverse place to dissect, and touring the Windy City could keep you busy for quite some time.  The lake shore of the great Lake Michigan, the historic Wrigley Field, and many other once-in-a-lifetime attractions are what makes Chicago one of the most exciting cities in the nation. Six of the fun Things to Do in Chicago when you go for a visit.Take a look at this short list of Things to Do in Chicago during USA Travel.

The third largest city in the United States has many wonders to behold from art, to wildlife, to music and entertainment.  Take a moment to check out a few specifics, and start planning your adventures in Chicago today.

Things to Do in Chicago

Things to Do in Chicago – Best Tourism Hot spots In The Windy City

The cluster of excellence that is downtown

There’s lots to be discovered in the heart of the city of Chicago, but you won’t need to bring a vehicle.  Driving downtown in the city is hectic, and you don’t want to deal with the fallout of a fender bender in Chicago.  Purchase a pass for the “L,” and take the train to all of the best stops.  

The Shedd Aquarium

Located near the famed Field Museum, The Shedd Aquarium is host to more than 1,500 different species of sea life.  If you’ve never seen a dolphin do tricks, then you want to go to the Shedd Aquarium. They host daily dolphin shows, opportunities to pet the dolphins, and thousands of other fish, birds, and amphibians.  It is truly a wondrous place to visit.

The Lincoln Park Zoo favorite Things to Do in Chicago

The Lincoln Park Zoo has more animals than you’ll have time to explore.  You could take two days to experience the full breadth of this expansive zoo, and the cost of entrance is well worth it.  If you have kids by your side during this exploration, the Lincoln Park Zoo is sure to be a huge hit.  

The Field Museum of Natural History

Spawned from the historic World’s Fair of 1893, the Field Museum of Natural History was originally purposed to display various artifacts from the fair.  Over time, the Field Museum morphed into a melting pot of all things pertaining to natural history and artifacts.

The Sears Tower favorite Things to Do in Chicago

Though the historic Sears Tower was actually renamed in 2009, it has not lost its sentiment for passing travelers.  It may not be the tallest building in the world, but you’ll get an unbeatable view of the city from its peak. Hangout on the building’s Skydeck, and check out a view of Lake Michigan and the bordering states of Michigan and Wisconsin.  

The Chicago River favorite Things to Do in Chicago

The Chicago River is a miracle of modern engineering.  At the start of the 20th century, the Windy City devised a waterway plan that actually reversed the flow of the Chicago River.  The canals built along the river way give the city control of the water channel, similar to the Panama Canal.

Have you been there? What are your favorite Things to Do in Chicago?

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