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Top 4 Best Things to Do in Washington You Need to Try

During your school years, you probably have learned that Washington DC is the capital city of the US. Your textbooks had photos of its stunning monuments, so you feel like you know the place well. However, you can’t really get the idea of what the city is all about until you have been there for yourself, touched the buildings, and smelled the air. Four things to do and places to visit when you travel to Washington DC. Check out this blog post to learn about the Washington City guide.

I really believe that as a traveler exploring the US or as a local, you should definitely include a couple of Washington DC tours in your itinerary to see the most popular points of interest and learn the history and mystery that surrounds them.

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4 of the Best Things to Do in Washington 

1. Go Sightseeing to Gettysburg 

Gettysburg is one of the most important historical sites of the region. This was the place where the Gettysburg battle during the Civil War was fought. This huge battle ended up causing the largest number of casualties of the US Civil War. It was also the turning point where Lee’s attempt to invade the North ended.

Gettysburg Day Trip from Washington DC

Today is a great day trip that takes you out of the city to a more relaxed area.  Aside from touring the place, learning all about the history of where the battle took place you and your family can also check out the museum at the visitor’s center.

2. Segway Tour

Here is another one that is great for all ages and a lot of fun. These tours take you through some of the most iconic monuments of the city while a guide gives you all sorts of fun facts. You also get a short preparatory class on how to use the Segway.

Segway tour in washington

Even though Washington DC is an extremely friendly city for those who want to walk. On the Segway tour, you will be able to see all the monuments and war memorials from the city in a more up close and personal way without getting tired.

This is my personal favorite while traveling with kids. They love the excitement of driving a Segway, and they don’t get tired too quickly, allowing adults more time to take better advantage of the tour.

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3. Hop-On Hop-Off Tour 

This is one of my top things to do whenever I visit a new city if it is available. This is the perfect way to get to know the place fast. The best part is being able to leave the bus and take it again once you are ready.

Hop on Hop off Bus tour in washington

During your Hop-On Hop-Off Tour of Washington you will see Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, Smithsonian Institution, the US Capitol, Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial among other famous sites.

So hop off to get food, take time to explore your favorite landmarks, rest, and catch the next bus to continue. How convenient is that?

4. Washington Capitol 

These are perhaps the most iconic landmarks of the city. Aside from being a working office building, it is also a monument that you can visit and there is a designated area that you can explore.

As a visitor you can check out the Visitor Center where you will find an exhibition hall, restaurants and even a gift shop. You can also have a visit to the Washington Dulles Airport Arrivals which is the most important airport of Washington D.C.

US Capitol in washington

There are tours that take you to different areas of the building, some to Exhibition Hall, to the Halls of Senate, some other to the Senate Chamber, to the Capitol Grounds. You can even get tickets to see the Congress in Session. While visiting Washington DC there are also numerous budget-friendly hotel places that cater to travelers who are visiting with family or for business trip. To help you with ideas and guides when traveling to Washing DC be sure to visit

Do the activities I mentioned, but I highly recommend going with a tour, you simply get the full experience of it all. You can do this through Washington attraction tickets that offer combos so that you can save time and money.

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My Top 4 Tips for First Time Travelers to Washington DC

1. Spring and fall offer the most pleasant temperatures. But that also means that there are more people around. Summer is really hot and winter gets quite cold. I would recommend spring, that is the time when the cherry blossoms bloom, making it all look better.
2. I wouldn’t recommend getting a car if you don’t like traffic. Instead, rent a bike, it is a bike-friendly city, or walk.
3. The best hotels are located around the White House.
4. Go to the Mitsitam Cafe for a unique dining experience. It serves cuisine native to the Americas.

To find more amazing things to do in Washington, take a look at Isango.

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