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8 Best Things to Do in Seattle: What’s New In The Seaside City

If you mention Seattle you will probably think of Tom Hanks, Meg Ryan, and Sleepless in Seattle. However, there is much more to this city than a film reference or two. In fact, this is one destination that is perfect for couples or families; there is something for everyone.  Here you will learn about the best things to do in Seattle perfect for everyone.

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Things to Do in Seattle

Things to do in Seattle 

Pike Place Market

This is one section of the city that you should not miss. Pike Place Market offers excellent shopping facilities, eateries, and sights to enjoy as you while away an afternoon or two. It provides an insight into Seattle’s living. Alternatively, just find a comfortable spot and people-watch.

Pioneer Square

This is classed as Seattle’s oldest neighborhood and is soaked in history. Whether you wish to enjoy the lively nightlife, Roman architecture, or the array of art on offer; Pioneer Square is certain to have something for you.

Seattle Center

Most visitors head to this center, but only to enjoy the impressive view from the Space Needle. What many do not see or appreciate is the 74 acres around this building that houses all the culture and entertainment you could wish for.

The Children’s Museum is one spot you should definitely not miss!

Things to Do in Seattle

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Seattle Great Wheel

At Pier 57 sits the Great Wheel and the opportunity to appreciate the skyline of Seattle. Even better, take a ride at night to see the stunning lights across the city; you are sure to be impressed.

Art Museum

Seattle’s art museum is often referred to as the most important art center in the Pacific Northwest. There is a range of exhibitions to see throughout the year. In fact, the museum is actually spread across three locations; each with its own dedicated area of expertise.

Book online or pay at the door; even those who are not fans of the arts will enjoy the experience.

The Underground Tour

Seattle was badly damaged in the great fire of 1889. The new city was built over the old one and has left a network of tunnels and storefronts underneath the city. You can explore these with the aid of a guide and enjoy humorous stories.

This tour is informative, entertaining, and a little sobering; it is a must for every visitor to Seattle.

Try Sailing

Seattle offers you the opportunity to sail for free. Simply visit the Center for Wooden Boats on a Sunday and enjoy a free trip on the water; in one of their many boats. Of course, you may have to help row or sail!

Alternatively, you can rent your own canoe and explore the water.

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Discovery Park

Learn about the environment and the great outdoors at the Discovery Park. Seattle is a great city for outdoor activities. Children can enjoy the hands-on experiences which will help them see nature in a positive light. Adults can benefit too!

Seattle has a huge array of eating establishments and cultures to offer any visitor. You will not be short of things to do, no matter what the weather. Just give in to your temptations!

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