10 Best Things to Do in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

10 Best Things to Do in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Have you ever planned a short trip to Saudi Arabia? If yes, you know how diverse the land is.

Have you ever planned a short trip to Saudi Arabia? If yes, you know how diverse the land is. Most of the time, visitors find more places to visit but are short in time. The reason is longer traveling needs and distance from central places. 

However, it’s not the case with pilgrims. They stay in pilgrimage cities and entertain Ziarat tours. It helps them enhance their spiritual experience. However, Umrah Packages make their journey even more flexible and managed. 

They arrange custom tours of group pilgrims to nearby locations so that they can enjoy more than they expect. Umrah deals like the 14 Nights 4 star Umrah package also follow the same. 

To save travel time, these packages include nearby locations in tours. For instance, Riyadh is such a destination for pilgrims, easier to spot and enjoy. So, if you are in Riyadh for a trip or business, try the following activities there for sure.

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Things to Do in Riyadh 

Let’s think common. We all want to visit a place that offers a comprehensive experience. A place that covers history, culture, tradition, and entertainment all the way. But when you are in Saudi Arabia, don’t worry you’ll have complete experience anyway. 

One such place refers to Riyadh. It’s the capital of the kingdom and thus offers a unique experience to visitors. For pilgrims, it’s easier to get there as a short extension of their pilgrimage. Umrah packages also facilitate their trip to Riyadh. The same happens with the 14 Nights 4 star Umrah package from UK. 

Similarly, Riyadh also serves as an ideal place to spot for tourists. It hosts historical sites, shopping malls, coastal areas, and deserts. 

In short, you can visit Riyadh as a one-stop shop attraction in Saudi Arabia. This is a reason families plan their trips to Riyadh frequently. This way, each family member enjoys what he wants. 

Therefore, we listed 20 interesting activities to try in Riyadh to make your trip fulfilling. So, let’s follow them one by one and find what suits you the best.

1. Visit the National Museum of Saudi Arabia 

Saudi Arabia believes in conservation. When it comes to preserving history and culture, you will Saudi Arabia at first. This is a fact that historical significance enhances the tourism of the country. Therefore, Saudi Arabia preserves its history in the form of open-air and proper museums that reflect the traditions of the country. 

The most important museum in this regard is the National Museum of Saudi Arabia. While you are in Riyadh, it should be your first destination there. It’s the best way to learn more in less time without making hassle. 

The museum is known for its history, culture, and heritage. It presents artifacts and displays that tell the story of past people even before the onset of Islam. So, visiting this museum is equally important to visitors and pilgrims. After all, they can connect with their target destination better this way.

learn of the best things for a traveller to do in Riyadh
Saudi Arabia introduces its culture and traditions to visitors through festivals. These festivals target different aspects of Arabic culture at different times of the year.

2. Explore the Masmak Fortress 

Masmak Fortress attracts the attention of visitors because of its significant role in history. Even people with no interest in history start thinking about how Saudi Arabia began after exploring the development of the kingdom. Well, it’s the Masmak Fortress that played a role in the past. 

In 1902, the Masmak Fortress facilitated the defense of locals against invaders. It all happened during the battle of Riyadh in which Saudi Arabia defeated invaders and set the foundations of the country. 

Therefore, people who are interested in knowing the historical roots of Saudi Arabia should visit Al Masmak Fortress first. The fortress represents the traditional and defensive techniques of early Arabs. Basically, it serves visitors as a museum containing weapons, artifacts, and exhibits. The best part is that you can visit with family members there and enjoy a lot.

3. Shop from the Souks

Souks are traditional marketplaces. These are different from modern stores and malls yet provide natural vibes. Though Souks are widely accessible in Saudi Arabia, the Souks in Riyadh are significant. For instance, Souks like the Souk Al Zal and Souk Al Thumairi are popular among visitors. 

This is because these Souks cater to the specific needs of visitors. Souks Al Zal offers antiques, traditional crafts, and souvenirs. Therefore, it also attracts pilgrims to shop for souvenirs. Similarly, the Souks Al Thumairi offers luxury items like gold jewelry to visitors. 

Their quality is on point and prices are also affordable. In addition, the lively atmosphere and welcoming behavior of traders further enhance the shopping experience of visitors.

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4. Discover Riyadh Zoo

Ever spotted your favorite wildlife in the zoo? It’s the best experience ever. And when you are together with family, it turns out to be a memorable experience. However, the Riyadh Zoo is unique to Saudi Arabia and truly represents the modernity of Saudi Arabia. 

The zoo consists of diverse types of wildlife. What makes the zoo unique is its diversity which comprises both native and international species. The best part is that it serves all ages. So, if you are planning to visit Saudi Arabia with family members, take a trip to the Riyadh Zoo. It also arranges educational sessions for kids to be introduced to the habitat and life cycle of wildlife.

5. Visit the Kingdom Tower (Burj Riyadh)

As you know Riyadh refers to the capital of Saudi Arabia, and it deserves to be so. The city offers a unique outlook of modernity in every aspect of life. The tallest buildings, lively atmosphere, developed areas, and luxury suites set Riyadh apart from other visiting places. It also attracts pilgrims during their spiritual journey to explore the beauty of the capital city. 

Therefore, Umrah packages allow pilgrims to visit Saudi Arabia beyond pilgrimage. And most of the time, they include a short trip to Riyadh for pilgrims. So, it’s time to visit the Burj Riyadh or the Kingdom Tower. The tall building represents the modern architecture of Saudi Arabia. Visitors explore the tower and experience the top view of the city. 

The tower also provides a shopping experience at luxury malls and dining at spacious restaurants.

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6. Relax at the King Abdullah Financial District

The modern development of Riyadh city attracts a large number of visitors every year. The city offers numerous activities to try for families, unique places to explore, and having a good time with loved ones. Not only it amazes visitors but it also facilitates pilgrims. 

Since Riyadh lies closer to Makkah, pilgrims can easily plan a short trip to Riyadh to witness its modernity. One such signature place is the King Abdullah Financial District. 

The place truly symbolizes the development of Riyadh City. The entire district comprises high-rise buildings that provide a panoramic view of Riyadh from the top. The whole district mainly focuses on the shopping and dining experience of visitors.

a desert safari in riyadh, saudi arabia
The Riyadh deserts are unique because of their abundance of red-hue sand dunes. 

 7. Visit the Imam Turki Bin Abdullah Mosque

Besides the modernity of the place, Riyadh still offers a connection to its roots. So, you will not only find tall buildings and luxurious experiences everywhere. For pilgrims, it serves as a deep connection to Islamic history. 

For instance, Riyadh is home to Imam Turki Bin Abdullah Mosque which is a symbol of the era of the second Saudi state. The mosque presents an Islamic architecture with a stunning exterior and interior. 

For pilgrims, it’s the best way to reflect on the pilgrimage experiencing a change of pace. If you want to visit Riyadh but worry about spirituality, visit the Imam Turki mosque during the journey and offer daily prayers there.

8. Take a Desert Safari

Riyadh also consists of deserts contrasting with natural views beautifully. Though the whole land of Saudi Arabia comprises deserts, Riyadh is also unique in this regard as well. For instance, the Riyadh deserts are unique because of their abundance of red-hue sand dunes. 

And the best way to make the most of your trip is to try a desert safari with family members. It includes sand boarding, camping, stargazing, and camel riding. With camping and stargazing, you will have quality time with fellows or family members. 

On the other side, sand boarding and camel riding allow you to explore the desert in detail. Riding a camel especially revives the traditions of local Arabs and also highlights the importance of sustainable transport to preserve the natural ecosystem.

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9. The Diplomatic Quarter

Feel bored about the history, culture, and modern experience of Riyadh? No worry, Riyadh also has something unique to offer you. It’s a diplomatic quarter where diplomats of the area live. The area consists of homes to international embassies, consulates, and retail malls. 

These homes are organized, well thought and constructed according to specific criteria. Though the area is solely for people living there, visitors also find entertainment options there. For instance, these include jogging trails, shopping, and dining experience.

10. Attend a Cultural Festival 

Saudi Arabia introduces its culture and traditions to visitors through festivals. These festivals target different aspects of Arabic culture at different times of the year. Similarly, Riyadh also arranges an annual festival for visitors. The main purpose is to entertain visitors through concerts, cultural performances, folklore, and traditional music. However, it usually occurs during the cooler months from October to December. 

However, you can attend the usual ones in Riyadh according to your travel dates and interests. For families and friends, it’s the best way to capture memories together.

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