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Best Tents for Tall People and Bent Tent Heater

Whenever one thinks about family camping, tents are the first thing that pops into your head. It is the most significant form of camping gear and is a must-use. It becomes very overwhelming to choose the best-suited tent because of the wide variety of options available.

Stand-Up Tent

The best way to buy a stand-up tent is to answer questions like what your budget is and how long do you want the tent to be. This depends on how long will you be using the tent in one go.

Price plays a very important factor when deciding on tents. A good tend ranges from 50 dollars to as high as it gets. If you’re a beginner, go for a low-priced tent, but if you’re a pro, buy a premium tent that will suit your needs. Spending too little will result in a bad tenting experience. Another significant factor to consider is the type of camping that you will be carrying out. If you’re camping alone, do not opt for a family-sized stand-up tent. This is especially for people who hike. However, if you use a car to get to your location, weight and size will not prove to be much of a problem.

Consider the number of people who will be using the tent. This will determine the size of the tent that you require. The tents for tall people that are tall enough to stand in have a unique design as compared to a normal one.  

The material used to make the tent is equally significant too. It should be weather resistant because weathers during camping are unpredictable. Most of the tents are made up of cotton, nylon, or polyester. Cotton absorbs water, which is why tents made up of cotton canvas keep the tent dry even during rainfall, making it waterproof. Nylon and polyester are very light in weight, however, they are unable to absorb water properly, which acts as a disadvantage during rainfall. They can only work if a particular coating has been made on the outside of the tent.

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 Yurts and teepees

Those are also good tent types, but they’re designed mainly for novelty camping. A yurt is usually round and is semi-permanent because it is moved around a lot. A teepee is used for people who want their tents to be very spacious. They are used as permanent camping tents and hence aren’t advised if you will be moving around a lot. There should be at least 2 doors to a stand-up tent so that it doesn’t overcrowd and people don’t have to walk over each other to go to the exit of the tent. A stand-up tent will have multiple built rooms, and it becomes very fancy if each has its own exit. The set-up needs to be easy and should not take up a lot of time. Tents that require professional setups that are time-consuming are not worth buying.

Now coming onto an essential of camping, a tent heater that is powered by a battery. First of let’s come to the basics. There are three types of tent heaters available, namely electric, propane and butane. We are looking at the electric one that is powered by batteries. The heat output of a tent heater is measured by a British thermal unit. For small tents, 1000 to 1500 BTU work fine and for large-sized tents, go for 7000 or more BTUs. Adjustable temperature is preferred because you can increase it, decrease it according to the need. It is better to have the heater adjourned with a safety feature.

The heater should have an automatic tip-over safety shut-off because tents have very limited space available. The limited space usually causes the heater to accidentally fall over while you sleep, and this is Ken the automatic tip-over safety comes in handy. Moreover, the automatic shut-off will because the heater to turn off after a certain specified time after it reaches a temperature. The size and weight matter as well. Some electrical heaters only weigh a few pounds and have a compact size. This means they can be used easily anywhere.

 Large-sized heaters are best for RV camping, but they are better for camping where you won’t have to travel a lot. However, remember that a smaller BTU will be provided by the small-sized heater.  Durability and efficiency play a key role as well. It should be durable enough to withstand all types of harsh weather, e.g. stainless steel has a good warranty and working time. The battery should be long-lasting because camping is time-consuming, and it will be hard to charge the batteries constantly. Always carry an extra pair of batteries to stay on the safe side.  Lastly, make sure the heater is portable and easy to carry around.

Give the best store provides the best electric heater for tenting purposes. It is a 2 in 1 heater fan. It provides heat levels of 1500 watts and 700 watts and the thermostat will automatically shut off after it reaches a certain temperature. It also has a multi-protection safety system, accompanied by its compact and powerful size. It produces no sound while working. This is a must-buy for people who love camping.

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