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Best Sunny and Warm Winter Destinations

The winter holidays are coming, and you still have not decided where you want to go. You are sure it has to be sunny and warm because the winter in your country leaves much to be desired – it is super cold and windy. We have prepared an article with several best sunny and warm destinations all over the world – are you interested? Then keep on reading! Six of the best warm winter destinations from around the world where you can escape the cold months. Take a look at this list of a winter trips.

Best Sunny and Warm Winter Destinations

Costa Rica

By choosing Costa Rica for the winter activities, you get an amazing chance to visit Central America. Choose any city near the sea and enjoy the sea and the sun. Situated in the middle of the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, Costa Rica offers you a choice where to swim and sunbathe. When you feel tired of the sea, you may visit the capital San Jose and feel its atmospheric vibes. The highest percent of sunshine in Costa Rica is in January that is why we advise you exactly this month for traveling. Are you aware of the fact that Costa Rica is a true paradise for the animal lovers? You can easily spot the turtles, monkeys, iguanas, sloths, and crocodiles! To see the beauty of Costa Rica’s nature and feel a bit of adrenaline, we advise you to try to whizz through the forest on the zip line – you will never forget this experience!

Orlando, US

If you live in the USA and do not want to cross the borders of your country, we advise you to consider Orlando in Florida. Situated not far from the sea, the city has two main attractions – Disney World and Universal Orlando. If you arrive on Christmas, you will be amazed by the decorations of the theme parks and the inimitable atmosphere. You will be having so much fun in those, and when tired, you are very welcome to rent a car and visit one of Florida’s beaches and enjoy the sun. Apart from the attractions and sea, you can plunge into the amazing nightlife atmosphere with all its shops, restaurants, and bars inviting the guests of the city to visit. Be careful though – the temperature in Orlando is extremely high that is why if you have an elevated pressure, you might feel really bad.

Costa del Sol, Spain

If you wish to spend your winter vacations in Europe, Costa del Sol will be your best choice. The province of Malaga in Spain is considered one of the most popular for tourists seeking for the sun. One of its regions Costa del Sol even translates as “coast of the sun” – you will not be mistaken if you choose this place for the warm winter destination. In winter, Costa del Sol is not as full of tourists as in summer that is why you will have an opportunity to enjoy the beautiful architecture of the old Europe and the lovely atmosphere of the area. Picasso was born here that is why you cannot miss the chance to visit the Picasso museum. Also, we advise you to try the cuisine of the southern Spain – it is amazingly delicious! Brigitte Bardot, by the way, was the first one sunbathing topless in Costa del Sol thus adding fame to the place. Are you already excited about going? The start packing your things!

Best Sunny and Warm Winter Destinations

Sicily, Italy

Another good choice if you think about going to Europe for the winter vacations. It is warm in Italy throughout the whole year that is why do not expect to freeze there in winter. Of course, you can spend all days long enjoying the sun and the sea, however, we would recommend you the more active holidays. What do you think about climbing the Mount Etna? It is the active stratovolcano, and it is breathtaking to realize you are climbing it! We also advise you to visit the Etna Land – the dinosaur theme park where you can forget about your age and have fun just like a kid. Are you aware of another way to feel like a kid? To relax from the homework you are overloaded with just pay for essay writers – check the site and forget about your educational worries.

Bali, Indonesia

Apart from the fact that winter is considered a rain period in Bali, you will have best winter vacations there! Nevertheless, relax – rains are quite short in the winter time that is why there is no need to worry. The first thing we recommend you to do is enjoy the beauty of the Bali beaches (and, of course, make at least a thousand of pictures). The second thing you need to do is try the traditional food. Are you aware of the fact that it is common practice to eat with your hands and fingers? You will feel awkward at first, but pretty soon, you will enjoy the absence of a barrier between you and the food – no forks or spoons will ruin the experience. We would also recommend you to visit the animal theme park and the local markets – the atmosphere there is completely inimitable. And finally, do not forget to visit the Elephant Cave – an archeological site of significant historical value.

The Maldives

One of the best vacation ideas would be for you to visit the Maldives. Situated not far from Sri Lanka in the Indian Ocean, these islands make all the visitors fall in love with them at first sight. What you have to do when you arrive is scuba diving. If you do not have any health issues, this is what you will enjoy and remember until the rest of your life. If you can surf, then do not miss your chance to do it on the Maldives. Even if you cannot – it is never too late to try! The top-surfers from all over the world arrive here and have an amazing interaction with the huge waves. You can also watch the dolphins jumping from the sea into the air – you need to ask your guide when the best time for this attraction is and enjoy the beautiful view.

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