The Essential Guide to the Best Sunglasses for Traveling

Many individuals have eye problems due to prolonged exposure to UV rays and glare from the sun. Such people encounter various challenges when moving around, reading, or operating pieces of equipment that need high accuracy and precision. Some vision problems such as cataracts can be corrected through surgery, while others cannot be fixed and the affected person can become blind after some time. Five essential tips on how to purchase the best sunglasses for your needs. In this article, you will find the best sunglasses as travel accessories.

To keep your eyes safe when traveling, you need to have the right travel sunglasses. Good sunglasses should be able to stop glare and UV rays from the sun without hindering your visibility. Selecting the perfect sunglasses can be a daunting task since there are many models on the market. Furthermore, it is difficult to find models that are suitable for traveling and still meet your fashion and sports requirements. This guide highlights some things you should consider when selecting travel glasses. If you need to keep your luxury sunglasses from falling off, click Luxe Performance.

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Best Sunglasses for Traveling

Guide to the Best Sunglasses for Traveling

1) UV protection   

UV is the main cause of cataracts and other eye issues. Prolonged exposure to UV rays from the sun can damage your eye lenses by making them cloudy. This hinders light from reaching the retina, thus affecting your vision. Using sunglasses with UV protection can prevent cataracts, snow blindness, and other eye problems caused by UV rays. Select glasses with around 400nm UV absorption to prevent 100% UV light from reaching your eyes. The best models have UV protection material embedded in the lenses instead of coating. If you already have a pair and are still unsure regarding the quality, simply take it to a nearby optical shop where it can be tested in a photometer. Otherwise, carefully read every single review and prioritize quality by selecting sunglasses from a trusted brand.

2) Coverage   

Glasses that cover more eye areas provide maximum protection to your eyes and delicate skin. They are more effective in UV protection since they filter light coming from the side. Such sunglasses prevent you from squinting or frowning in bright light, and this prevents frown lines or wrinkles from forming.   Wrap-around sunglasses are perfect for individuals who spend most of their time around water bodies or outdoor. They are also perfect in windy conditions since they prevent wind from making your eyes dry, and they can’t be blown away.

The Essential Guide to the Best Sunglasses

3) Quality   

High-quality sunglasses are pricey, but they are worth your money since they are long-lasting. There is no need to buy glasses with weak frames or those whose lenses pop out easily. Such glasses can easily break if you participate in any vigorous outdoor activity and possibly cause an injury. To avoid frustration, get a high-quality model from a trusted manufacturer and enjoy maximum protection and durability.

4) Polarized lenses   

>On sunny days, sunlight hits various surfaces and objects on the ground. Smooth surfaces reflect the light in one direction and this causes glare. Glare is a common problem when traveling by road or water since you’ll encounter more reflected light from water surfaces and smooth solid surfaces. Glare is known to cause accidents and various eye problems.

Best Sunglasses for Travelling

Sunglasses with polarized lenses feature a special film coating that prevents reflected light from reaching your eyes. The filter has been designed to stop reflected light from all angles, thus allowing you to see clearly. Without this protection, you’ll experience a distorted view, poor color perception, and temporal blindness when you face reflected light. Polarized lenses are also used in the best fly fishing sunglasses to stop glare from the water surface when fishing. This prevents blurry vision that causes eye irritation, redness, and other eye problems.

5) Style   

Your looks matter when you are traveling. Sunglasses say much about you, and you need to choose what matches your personality. Proper fitting glasses can improve your look irrespective of your age. Sunglasses come in different colors, shapes, and styles. But you can’t wear all of them since People have various face shapes which need different designs of sunglasses.

You need to know your face shape and its measurement to select a model that suits you. Individuals with round faces can wear sunglasses of various shapes including square, wrap, shield-shaped, and rectangle models. Oval and round sunglasses are perfect for individuals with square-shaped faces.

These sunglasses round out the broad forehead and the strong jawline to create a balanced look.   Most frames will match with an oval face but don’t use big frames since they reduce symmetry. Oversized glasses match perfectly for individuals with rectangular-shaped faces. They can also wear glasses with big frames to add width to the face. Diamond-shaped faces need oval or rimless glasses with gentle curves to balance the wide cheekbones. The final category of faces is a heart-shaped face. This shape requires sunglasses with a circular shape to balance the narrow chin.

Selecting the perfect sunglasses for traveling is more than just looking at the color or shape of the lenses and the frame. Good glasses should keep your eyes safe as you move to places with varying sun intensity and glare from water bodies and bright surfaces. If you need glasses that can fend off glare and UV rays, you need to check the quality, style, UV protection, polarization, and coverage.

Last Updated on January 26, 2023

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