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Best Summer Vacation Spots for Couples

Couples’ vacations are all about discovering each other (again) and enjoying the time you have all to yourselves. You may want to chill on a beach and never have to lift a finger for the entire trip. You can also be one of those couples who are more active on vacation than back home. Whatever your preferences, it is important to choose a place that helps you to (re)connect with your partner. Here is a list of the best summer vacation spots for couples.

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It all starts with the usual suspects: Bali, Costa Rica, Maldives. But for a truly unique couple’s experience, you should visit the archipelago in the Indian ocean. A Seychelles vacation can be spent in a number of ways. You can stay on a private island, book a vacation in any of the five-star resorts, or rent a yacht. There are even agencies that offer island-hopping packages.


Picturesque sandy beaches await in this paradise, as do many water activities, primarily snorkeling and scuba diving. Wind and kite surfing are also options for a more active summer vacation, as is golf in some resorts.

Don’t let that fool you. There are plenty of other things to see in this sandy paradise. Primarily, their heritage includes coconut oil processing and giant 200-year-old tortoises. You should also visit the Seychelles National Botanical Garden and Victoria market to experience the local lifestyle.

Backpacking through Europe

Backpacking through Europe is one of the best experiences for couples who are comfortable with a minimalist way of living. This experience will make your bond stronger. Europe is like a big museum and each town or village has something to offer. The continent’s history is a long one and there are plenty of monuments to testify to this fact.


Book a train ticket that lasts for two weeks, a month, or two, since this is how you will save money and travel like a true European. You will see that people are in no hurry and they enjoy a laid-back lifestyle.

For the ultimate European experience, rent a bike in Amsterdam, drink an espresso Italian-style, try the famous beers in Germany, visit the Becherovka factory near Prague, and take a look at the puppetry art in Poland. Pack essentials in your backpack, hop on a train and enjoy the beautiful scenery you pass by as locals do.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

The vibrant and lively capital of Argentina is a great summer vacation spot for couples because it provides one contrasting thing – tranquility. Argentinians are laid back, as is the overall feeling you’ll get if you visit Buenos Aires. You will have an overwhelming sense of peace and serenity while never running out of things to see and do.


Argentina feels like a country frozen in time, while constantly developing. You can visit the old port of Buenos Aires, where there are plenty of restaurants and hotels now. Also, shopping in the small centuries-old shops is a must. When you get tired of the city, visit the Patagonian national park to enjoy the landscape and wildlife.

The food is so delicious! And there are so many street restaurants to try the local cuisine. Wine tasting is also a must since Argentina is known for its wines. With so many attractions, you will need the skills to pack a suitcase to maximize the space, as the memorabilia from your trip piles up.

Waco, Texas, USA

If going all the way to Argentina sounds expensive, try Waco, Texas. If you are wondering what is there to do in the small city in central Texas, keep reading. This summer vacation spot is for couples who wish to take a step back, relax and enjoy the true Texas experience. Unlike Austin or Dallas, Waco isn’t overcrowded.


You can go on a tour presented by locals, visiting Baylor University, Cameron Park, and other historic attractions. Head to the Magnolia Market to enjoy some gorgeous scenery and shop for gardening supplies and magnolia seeds. Don’t miss the opportunity to try their famous coffee.

Speaking of drinking, Waco is known for its breweries and vineyards. Whatever your tastes, you can try it – craft beers, red and white wines, or something stronger, like rum, whiskey, or bourbon. Pair that with visiting the diners that feel like you have just stepped into an 80’s movie.

Visit Waco Mammoth National Monument to marvel at some millennia-old mammoths’ remains. Then head to the Camron Park Zoo to see the bald eagles and lemurs alongside other exotic animals. Top it off by exploring the art scene in the downtown art district of Waco.

Summer vacations are all about enjoying yourselves and strengthening your bond. Take a look at your priorities and things you enjoy together, then plan a summer vacation. Remember that the best summer vacation spot is where you choose it to be.

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