Best Spring Training Stadiums

With the re-emergence of baseball after a 99-day lockout, we are finally getting baseball once again. This means Spring Training is upon us as the 30 teams attempt to get ready for their April 7 Opening Day game. However, whether you are in Arizona or Florida, there are some beautiful Spring Training stadiums, and today we will be discussing a couple of them. These are going to be based on the stadium itself and the area in which it is located.

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George M. Steinbrenner Field

The New York Yankees have been playing in Tampa, Florida for their Spring Training games since 1996 and they have the best Spring Training stadium in the sport. The view from any seat is great and that is not always easy to do in an 11,000 seat stadium. It resembles Yankee Stadium in the Bronx with the atmosphere and the structure. 

The area is right in the heart of Tampa, Florida with Raymond James Stadium right across the street and Amalie Arena down the road. This probably would have made for a great location for the Tampa Bay Rays if the Yankees did not occupy it already but the location and having a feel of a big league stadium but on a condensed scale is why George M. Steinbrenner Field is on this list. 

JetBlue Park at Fenway South

One thing that I am a huge fan of is the little oddities that a stadium provides and that is what the Boston Red Sox have in their Spring Training facility down in Fort Myers, Florida at JetBlue Park. The stadium is similar to Fenway Park as they have the Green Monster as well with it being a little taller. 

There is a cool aspect to this stadium as it is right inside of a town with an elementary school right next to it. It feels like a cool place just to plop down a stadium and it is close enough to the world of Miami or Tampa just to hang out and get to see a bunch of stuff in just a single car ride. The atmosphere in the stadium is great and is definitely worth going to see in person. 

Tempe Diablo Stadium

This may be one of the older ballparks used for Spring Training, as it opened back in 1968, but it has an incredible atmosphere. The view is amazing as right down the left-field foul line, there is a beautiful mountain. The atmosphere feels like you are hanging out in the bleachers with your friends, as that is most of the seating throughout the entire stadium. The prices are not too high and that will always help. If you are planning to go to the Cactus League Spring Training, Tempe Diablo Stadium is a must-see. 

It also helps that this is the home of the Los Angeles Angels, and they have some star power that you are able to see as they have some incredible players like Mike Trout and Shohei Ohtani. You will definitely leave the stadium after the game with a great memory, and that is why it pops up on this list.


Well, there you have it. Three of the best Spring Training sites to visit as they are beautiful and distinct in their own right. Tell us what stadiums should also be on the list here and why, as there are a handful of incredible Spring Training experiences that are worth noting. The excitement of baseball is here, and every team has a chance once Spring Training begins, so let’s kick off baseball with a lot of excitement.  

Last Updated on May 29, 2022

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