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Best RVing Tips For Beginners: Everything You Need To Know


From camping with your tents to recreational vehicles, there’s something with outdoor activities that helps you achieve a memorable, fun, and exciting break from work, school, or bonding with the family. If it’s your first-time RVing, here’s a complete thing to do, including what to pack, what to expect, tricks, and safety tips while on the road. This will give you a quick overview of the exciting and challenging world of RVs. Did you decide to hit the road and travel with an RV for the first time? In this guide, you can find the best RV tips for beginners!

Best RVing Tips

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What You Should Know About RV Camping

For RV newcomers, it’s vital to understand the ins and out of this outdoor activity. You may think you know what you’re doing until you’re all caught up in the middle and everything is messed up. To avoid this cumbersome scenario from happening, you can first take a drive with your RV, whether you plan to buy or rent, there’s no better way to get used to it than to test-drive it. 

You may need to choose the right RV for your needs. Identify how many people will be hopping in and how long will the trip be. This gives you a clear overview of what to bring and effectively plan the road trip. Packing necessary items is as vital as choosing the right RV size before hitting the road. 

Practice camping close to your home and see how it goes. This can help you better prepare everything and manage your expectations. Bringing tolls and several spare parts can save the day. Having a generator with 50 amp outlet can also save you from frustrations in case 

Your power source breaks while you are on a road trip. 

Choose the perfect RV based on your needs

RV’s come in various sizes and options. They come from small trailers to big motorhomes where you can place beds. You have to set realistic goals for comfort and convenience, together with the people that will be coming with you. 

This gives you a better option of what RV is best suitable for your needs. Once you have identified the style, size, number of people staying with you, and duration of your road trip, things will be a lot easier. 

Property plan your trip

RVs are meant for long drives and road trips. If you plan to frequently hit the road, you’ll get used to this activity and your plans will gradually improve. 

  • Choose where you are heading on your first road trip
  • Check the route to help you arrive faster at your destination
  • Check the rig’s height

Pack all necessary items 

All the essentials that you will bring boil down to how long your road trip will be. Pack daily essentials, food and water supply, and a first-aid kit. If you have extra activities in mind, don’t forget to bring them with you. 

While you may think you don’t need tools, that’s when you should bring them with you. You’ll never know what happens while you’re out of your comfort zone. If pets are tagged along, don’t forget to bring their essentials too. 

Preparing your recreational vehicle is a vital tool. Have a pre-inspection like:

  • Compartments and storages, both inside and outside, are properly shut
  • All awnings are secured and rolled up
  • Steps are up and secured
  • Check tire pressure and fluid
  • Ensure you have an emergency brake before hitting the road
  • Ensure everything is secured, connected, and properly hitched on your towing vehicle

Bring spare parts and tools

Bringing basic tools is essential but don’t overdo it too. RVing is also about balance and planning it wisely. Duck tapes can save the day too. You can improve your self-reliance and deal with common issues fast and precisely. 

Watch out for RV’s load limit

Checking for your RV’s load limit is a safety protocol you cannot compromise. RVs provide load limits for campers to be mindful of when packing. Check the APC (available payload capacity) and towing capacity. 

Plan tank dumps

Learn whether your RV has a spot for full hookups and if you need to refill freshwater or empty the tanks at the right place. 

Ensure you have all vital equipment when dumping the tank waste and always bring dump gloves. 

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Check the camping spot

Camping reservations must not be procrastinated if you plan to go RVing during pique season. Plan your trip as soon as possible and get all the information needed on time. 

  • Check the check-in/check-out time
  • Check quiet hours and respect them
  • Water location, availability, power, or dump facilities
  • if you’ll be heading somewhere remote, check for the best power source, either via batteries or using a generator
  • Check RV dimensions, trash receptacles, shower or bathroom facilities
  • Essential supplies available like diesel/gasoline, firewood, drinks, and foods

Prepare your after-dark setup

Lastly, an after-dark setup can be challenging, and even experience RVers may find it hard to plan their trip properly. Try to arrive at the campground early for easy setup. 

Expert Tips For A Fun and Perfect RVing

Once you are all set for your next RVing journey, there are several life hacks you may want to reconsider too. RV and camping have one simple rule of thumb: pack as light as you can. If you have tried backpacking, then you’ll understand that heavy backpacking can make your outdoor adventure miserable and gruesome. 

  • Create your checklist based on your daily activities
  • Bring with you some entertainment
  • Plan meals and the food supply you’ll be taking along
  • Take basic tools
  • Free up your tanks as often and early as possible
  • Choose lightweight essentials and evenly place them on your RV
  • Leave all breakables behind

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Once you have tried RVing, you can easily adjust your parameters to make it more interesting and fun. The first time may not be perfect but will teach you a lot of lessons. Take everything slow and safe, this will make your road trip fun and memorable.

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