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Best RV Solar Panels to Buy in 2022

Solar panels are not something new. They have gained immense popularity in the RV community for many years. There are different reasons why RV solar panels have become a fad nowadays. They are created with a futuristic concept. RV solar panels can power many things in your motorhome without a need to pay for it. This is one of the primary reasons that attracts RVers to boondocking.

RV solar panels can also function as the regular home solar system as these panels successfully convert sunlight into electricity. The only difference between RV solar panels and conventional solar panels is that you charge your RV batteries individually instead of powering your home. 

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Do You Really Need RV Solar Panels?

If you are a Boondocker, RV solar panels are necessary. They are amazing as well as a frugal investment. Boondocking means when you go for camp off-grid where there are no campground amenities, including electricity. In this kind of scenario, RV solar panels are handy. They not only help you charge your batteries but also you can charge some extra batteries for backup power. 

Also, solar panels can prolong the life of your RV battery as they slowly charge them. Plus, RV solar panels are not like typical generators; you don’t have to think about purchasing propane for every trip. If you have invested in RV solar panels once, you don’t have to bear any extra cost unless you need to replace the equipment.

So, can you imagine how important an RV solar panel is?

If you are looking to buy one, this article is for you. Read on to explore an extensive list of the best RV solar panels available in the market now. 

Let’s get started 

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1. Alrska 12 Volt 170-Watt RV Solar Panel for RV Roof 

It is one of the best RV solar panels from Alrska. This solar panel from Alrska has some of the most striking features. It is a monocrystalline silicon solar panel, making this 22% more efficient than the polycrystalline silicon solar panels under full sunlight. This solar panel has a longer lifespan. You can maintain it easily. The Alrska 12 Volt 170-Watt RV Solar Panel provides an approximate range of 500 watt-hours (Wh) or 33-41 amps hours (Ah) of electricity each day. 

Along with being a very efficient solar panel, another best part about it is that it is made of industry-leading technology; this solar panel comes with an easy installation process and a good warranty. If you face any operational problem with this solar panel, the company’s support team is always available at your service. 

2. Renogy 800-Watt Monocrystalline Solar Premium Kit

It comes with a huge wattage of 800 watts, an input voltage of 24 Volts, and a solar energy power source. If you are someone who has a large motorhome or RV, you know that your energy demands are higher.

 In such a scenario, if you buy this solar panel, it will help not to remain confined to campgrounds only. A good-sized solar panel kit like this will help you have a great boondocking experience while still keeping the lights on. If you plan to live in a camper during the winter months, this premium quality solar panel is a luxury!

3. WindyNation 100-Watt Solar Panel Off-Grid Kit

This is a great solar panel kit if you are one of those boondockers who don’t utilize much power. This kit has a single panel with 100 watts of power. It also comes with a charge controller of a 20-amp PWM power supply and 4 Z-brackets dedicated to cabling, mounting, and solar connectors. Moreover, this solar panel also has a 100 amp-hour absorbed glass matt (AGM) lead-acid battery. 

However, a drawback about this solar panel is that it can’t cover a lot of electricity usage perfectly because of the presence of only one panel. 

4. HQST 100-Watt 12 Volt Solar Panel

If you are looking for a premium quality solar panel, this amazing product is for you. This solar panel is quite different from the other options on this list, and that is because of the presence of bare-bones panels in it. If you consider the 100-Watt RV panels available in the market today, this is surely an ideal one. 

It comes with a monocrystalline panel consisting of efficient solar cells, increasing space efficiency. The HQST 100-Watt 12 Volt Solar Panel has been designed to give you an ideal output of 500Wh per day. The panel also has bypass diodes, which help increase its performance when used in shady environments with less light. 

Summing Up

Which RV solar panel are you purchasing? 

The options that are discussed above are all amazing. Get the one you like the most and transform your next boondocking experience! 

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