Top 7 Best United States Road Trips to Take in an RV

Road trip! What’s better than a road trip? US road trips in an RV are more fun. Not only are they more fun, but more convenient. There are no hotels to check in and out of. No luggage to carry anywhere. The adventure is endless. Here are the best RV trips in the US.

If a US road trip it isn’t on your bucket list yet, by the time you finish reading this article it will be. Driving through and seeing beauty all around the United States is incredible. So are no airport security lines.  You will add an RV trip to your bucket list sooner than you think.

US road trips are more fun riding in an RV. Keep reading for the top 7 best US road trips to take in an RV.

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Top 7 Best RV Road Trips in the United States

We’re sharing the top 7 best US road trips you’ll fall in love with. There is much more to the United States than you think. Coast to coast, there is something for everyone in the US.

If you are an ocean lover, you will love the Florida Beaches or the Pacific Coast Highway. For the history buffs, you’ll love Alabama and Georgia. You will love that you have your RV or your home on wheels with you.

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Do you love to be in nature? A Blue Ridge Parkway or Yellowstone National Park road trip may be for you. Are you more of a natural mixed-with-music and blues traveler? A New Orleans and Gulf Coast road trip may be right up your alley.

This article will surprise you with road trips and scenic drives in the US you can take in an RV. Grab a pen and paper and start planning your road trip.

1. Florida Overseas Highway

Do you love sunshine and beaches? A Florida road trip along the overseas highway may be perfect for you. Along the way, you may enjoy beaches, snorkeling, and swimming with dolphins.

If you are looking for magical sunset stops, there are 42 bridges connecting the islands along the way. Overseas Highway is one of the most beautiful roads to take in the country for your US road trip.

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2. Blue Ridge Parkway

Blue Ridge Parkway is a popular road trip choice for good reason. The parkway goes nearly 500 miles off the Appalachians. Since it is such a popular destination for RV trips, there is extensive support along the way. This helps if you are new to traveling in an RV.

The scenery is breathtaking. In the summer months, there may be more traffic than during other times of the year due to more travelers. Even if that’s the only time you can go, it’s well worth it.

3. Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park in Montana is a premier RV destination. Whether you go in an RV or not, it’s worth visiting. Make sure you plan your visit to see many incredible sites at Yellowstone.

Some sites you don’t want to miss are the Grand Prismatic Spring, Old Faithful Geyser, and the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. It’s important to know what sites you want to see before you go.

Make sure you plan a scenic route in advance that includes the sites you want to see, and other interesting points in the Rocky Mountain region. You don’t want to miss anything that was close by.

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4. New Orleans

Imagine driving past alligator-filled swamps, small towns, and white-sand beaches all on one road trip.  From the scenery to the history of jazz, a road trip to New Orleans and the Gulf Coast will be something you remember for years to come.

You can experience plantation life, uncover the history of slavery, and eat Cajun and Creole food all on one US road trip. Driving through Louisiana will expose you to the deep south away from all the tourists. All through the state, you can experience gumbo, diversity, and live music.

The culture and community are legendary. To mix up the country and city experience, include New Orleans in your experience. Some things you will love to do include visiting the French Quarter, riding a Street Car, and visiting the City Park.

5. Alabama Coast

If you want more of the south, Alabama may be worth exploring. It is home to some of the most historic sites of the United States, like National Memorial for Peace and Justice, as well as the Battleship USS Alabama. The history buffs will love it.

Exploring the historical mansions and gardens will show you southern charm and history as well. The Alabama Coastal Connection takes you on a cultural journey through a mixture of Creaole, French and Spanish.

A great idea for your US road trip would be to start in Mobile and travel south along Route 98. Then loop down and around the State’s many scenic byways.

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6. Georgia

Since you are nearby Alabama or New Orleans, you may want to include Georgia in your road trip. Whether it is Macon during Cherry Blossom season or Atlanta, GA, there is a lot to experience.

Atlanta is home to the MLK National Museum, World’s Largest Aquarium, and the CNN Center to name a few attractions you might love to see on your US road trip.

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7. Pacific Coast Highway

Pacific Coast Highway is another option for outdoor and ocean lovers. This is one of the best US road trips. The PCH runs from Los Angeles to Olympia, Washington. Whether you take it in California or all the way, it will take your breath away.

You’ll visit many coastal towns and some of the most breathtaking views in the country along the coastline. If you love both the ocean and the forest, this road trip is one you definitely want to take.

Another idea you might love is combining it with Route 66 as well if you have more time.

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These 7 US Road Trips to take in an RV will surprise and excite you. Which US road trip intrigued you the most? What fascinates you about the US next? If you haven’t already, it’s time to add a road trip in an RV to your bucket list.

You don’t want to miss experiencing and exploring the beauty of the US, all from the convenience of an RV. It’s a trip you may take with a group or with your family. It has something for everyone.

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Last Updated on September 3, 2023

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