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Best Places To Visit Iceland in 2019

Iceland is a European county. An island full of volcanoes, lava fields, geysers, and hot springs. On the other hand, it is full of waterfalls, glaciers, and ice fields. So it will not be wrong to call it a place of both fire and ice. Reykjavik is the capital of Iceland. It is said that the volcanoes it has are the main reason of it forming into an island. It has a total of 200 volcanoes. Surrounded by water, it is a place that is beautiful, charming, and attractive.Four of the most amazing places that everyone should visit while traveling to Iceland.Take a look at this list of Places To Visit Iceland.

It has several popular spots that easily can top the ‘must visit’ category. And the places didn’t go unnoticed by the adventurers and nature lovers. It is one of the most top-rated tourist attractions in the world. Here we are going to look at some of the best Places To Visit Iceland and also the best way to enjoy the sight.

Places To Visit Iceland

4 Places To Visit Iceland


Before anything else, let’s just finish talking about the best way of touring Iceland. Keep in mind; it can be expensive. So, if you stay at a hotel, it will cost you a fortune. Foods are expensive, as well. Those who can afford it is fine for them. But if you are in a limited budget and want to save some bucks can surely try the camper van. Iceland Camper Rental is cheap. It is the best way to take a tour around. It is adventurous, as well. The best part of such vans is they have a mini kitchen in them. Cook your food all by yourself and save money as well as eat healthy food.

A camper van will let you view everything you want to see. Saving yourself from unpredictable weather also is easy with a vehicle in motion. Camping might not be secure enough, neither staying at the hotel feels exciting. Enjoy the view of magnificent Iceland sitting in the van. Eat, sleep, move in the camper, and save some cash. We can already gauge how excited you all ‘adventurous minds’ are feeling right now. So, try renting a camper van during your Iceland tour.

Now you know what to use to visit different places in Iceland. So, it is time to introduce you to some of the best sites that you can visit on your rented camper van. We will talk about the three best.

Glacial Lagoon

Lets first tap on the ice of Iceland. Our favorite is the Glacial Lagoon. It is dreamy and bewitching. If you want to see ice all around, then it is the place for you. They have the arrangement of boats to go around the lagoon. You will see several portions of ice have separated from the glaciers and floating around. It multiplies the beauty of the place. You can touch the ice with your hands. They come that close when you are on the boat. Nature and beauty of this place is something else and very distinct from whatever you have seen till now. So, it would be best if you visited the Glacial Lagoon at least once.

The Ring Road

If you love adventure and want an exciting road trip, then try Route 1 (Iceland). It is called the Ring Road as well. Wherever you go around Iceland, you will find some gravel roads. Driving the camper van on the gravel roads in Iceland is full of fun. It is also a prime reason for renting a camper. The Ring road is also full of such paths. That is why it was our first choice for an adventure trip. The narrow passes, single-lane bridges, blind curves and summits, all screams adventure. Have a 360-degree view from your camper. So, if we have to choose one spot for adventurers, then it has to be the Ring Road.


Maelifell is a volcano situated right beside Myrdalsjökull Glacier Park. There are several hot springs and volcanoes in this park. If the Glacial Lagoon was the ice, then it is the fire of Iceland. It is best visited from July to October. Precisely, summer. The cone shape volcano is much more mysterious than its beauty. It stands tall in between a massive glacial landscape. During most of the warm season, it has grasses all around. The mystery deepens when your eyes are viewing the whole picture. So, to enjoy the mysterious beauty of Maelifell, visit Iceland soon.

The tourist attractions do not stop with only the above three. It has much more. The list would be endless to cover all the tourist attractions of Iceland. No wonder Iceland has seen positive growth in tourism. It is getting more and more popular among nature lovers. So, why you should miss all the fun and adventure. Arrange a trip to Iceland with your family and friends right now, book your tickets, rent a camper, and enjoy.

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