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Best Places To Visit Through A Yacht Charter

Your next cruising destination could be in the beautiful islands of Phuket. Chartering a yacht is the best option to be able to explore such an amazing location. Tourists may select between catamaran and superyachts, with or without a crew, to get started. 

It will be a fun and exciting vacation with your families and friends to ride on a yacht. This could also be the perfect time to relax and keep yourself away from stress for a while. Within the yacht are delicious cuisines cooked by a private chef that everyone will enjoy. All of the guests can partake in plenty of watersports, like fishing, snorkeling, and kayaking. Moreover, sightseeing is the main activity that you can do onboard while taking Instagrammable photos for memories. 

If you are looking for a tourist spot for this holiday trip, you can consider the following: 

  1. Koh Lanta Island 

This island is located in the Southern part of Thailand. Meaning, that it will be the last part of the island-hopping package. It is a mountainous spot that is best to explore with a yacht. The place includes the National Park headquarters where you can also witness some traditional customs of Thailand. 

Koh Lanta is a combination of sand and gravel beaches and has shallow waters. The island of Taleng Beng is located around the area from which the most famous birds’ nests soup originated. Travelers will also witness the stunning coral reefs of Ngai Island while sailing. 

  1. Phang Nga Bay 

Many tourists long to see limestone cliffs on a yacht charter. Phang Nga Bay has the most amazing ocean cliffs in the world. It is an ideal place for kayaking to make a brief visit to its caves. Along the bay area is the Kao Tapoo, a well-known island that is named after James Bond. Behind the said island is the Kudu island which features an inflatable jacuzzi where you can eat and relax. 

During the island hopping, you will surely love the view, especially the Muslim village of Koh Panyee. It is a floating town and fishermen are residing in it. Lastly, visitors can swim in the clear waters of Koh Hong’s Pelay beach and witness a delicious bird’s nest soup. 

  1. Ko Yao Noi 

This is the eastern coast of Thailand also known as the secret beach. It has improved privacy with fewer tourists around the area. The island has a unique culture that will bring you back in time. Its panoramic view is incomparable to other islands with a free tour for a better sailing experience. 

Climbing up the hill is a real adventure to see the entire beauty of Phang Nga bay. During sunset, you can walk over the sand bar of Ko Phe and enjoy the view. 

  1. Phi Phi Islands 

Here you will witness a crescent-shaped bay and more stunning spots. Phi Phi islands are divided into small and larger beaches which both offer a panoramic view. Such an island has taller limestone cliffs for sightseeing and also coral reefs to preserve the fish. 

Not all travelers prefer a bustling island, hence there are remote areas on this island to take pleasure in solitude. If you are an adventurous person, this island-hopping tour is right for you. It allows diving, snorkeling, and kayaking to satisfy your travel desires. Additionally, if you are an animal lover, you can feed monkeys along the beach. 

  1. Maithon Island 

In this tour package, tourists can visit three islands in one cruise. It is inclusive of fresh seafood lunch and snorkeling activities to take advantage of the clear waters. There are also dolphin shows to keep tourists amazed during the trip. 

  1. Krabi Island

A hidden lagoon exists on this island which is worth exploring. There are also beaches where you can safely swim which are ranked on top of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Snorkelers might also discover coral reefs along the island. This isle is safe for children that do not know how to swim. It is rich in sea life and it is a white sand beach. 

  1. Similan Island

If you want to explore tropical marine life, such as corals, fish, and seagrasses, Similan island could be the best option. This is a boot-shaped long bay that guarantees outstanding scenery. The most pleasing months to visit the island are between November and February to take a glimpse of sea turtles laying their eggs. It would be an amazing experience to witness such beauty over the beach. 

  1. Racha Yai Island

White sand lovers will love Racha Yai island plus its crystal water. The beach is perfect for snorkeling with its colorful corals beneath the sea. It is enriched with sea life and an ideal spot for stargazing. There is a small bay where you can go fishing and enjoy the abundant marine life. 

  1. Langkawi Island 

Last but not least is a mystical island that consists of almost 100 isles ready to be discovered. A week is enough to explore the place with a yacht. The place is designed for adventures, such as snorkeling and jungle activities. 

Final Thoughts 

It is best to customize your travel requirements for each destination to better enjoy the trip. Some tourists take an extended travel time to explore the Phuket islands and not miss anything. Contact Phuket based yacht charter company to book a luxurious boat for your next holiday trip. They will provide the most suitable yacht for each travel destination that you will choose.

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