12 Places To Visit in November in Europe for Autumn Vacation

Europe is a vast continent with so many different cultures and languages. You can also find a huge amount of awesome places to visit. So, it can be tough to know which places are worth visiting during a specific month, and can be specifically harder in November, since it’s one of the best months to travel to Europe. If you’re looking for some guidance, check out this list of the best places to visit in Europe in November. From city breaks in Paris and Amsterdam to coastal towns in Italy and Greece, there’s something for everyone on this list!

Europe is a popular tourist destination all year round, but especially in the fall, when the leaves change color and the weather is mild. You can find some beautiful places and landscapes worthy of a fantasy movie. Europe gets tons of visitors from the USA each year. Here are the best places to visit in November in Europe:

Best places to visit in November in Europe

Europe offers a lot of destinations and activities to travelers in November. From the beaches of Spain to the historical monuments of Italy, from the charming Christmas markets of Germany to the world-famous art museums of France, there is truly something for everyone in Europe in November. What’s more, many European towns and cities come alive with holiday cheer at this time of year, making for a festive and memorable trip

Paris, France

boat s and trees in autumn in paris
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That’s right, there’s no mistake, you truly can visit Paris any time you want. The City of Light is always a favorite destination, and in November you can enjoy the fall foliage while avoiding the winter crowds. Just walking the streets of Paris in November is a magical experience

Paris is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and it’s especially lovely in autumn, when the leaves on the trees turn colors. The weather is perfect, not too hot and not too cold, and there are lots of fun things to do. You can visit all the famous tourist attractions like the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral, and Louvre Museum, or you can explore some of the lesser-known but equally charming neighborhoods. Restaurants are everywhere, so you’ll never go hungry, and there are tons of bars too where you can meet some locals.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

canal in amsterdamn in autumn
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This charming city is ideal for a weekend getaway in November, with its canals, historical buildings, and amazing landscapes.

Although Amsterdam is a beautiful city to visit at any time of year, the autumn months are especially beautiful. The leaves change color to create an orange and yellow landscape that is unmatched anywhere else in the world. Plus you have all the canals and bridges, making it a magical place like come out of a fairy tale. Of course, there are also plenty of activities to enjoy during this time, such as cycling along the many canals, going for walks in the Vondelpark (this is a must), or checking out one of the many museums. Whatever you choose to do, make sure to take some time to relax and enjoy the stunning scenery. Take a bunch of photos too!

Positano, Italy

positano, italy in autumn
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The colors of autumn leaves (like the jazz song!) transform the charming seaside village of Positano, Italy into a picturesque postcard-perfect landscape, it’s a truly instagramable place, you’ll find so many spots to take pictures.

The season usually begins in mid-October and lasts through November, but I really recommend that you go to Positano in November, it’s an awesome place that offers visitors mild temperatures and stunning views. During this time, the narrow streets are filled with locals and tourists alike, browsing through the art galleries, boutiques, and restaurants that line the coast. Picturesque piazzas offer wonderful spots for people-watching and enjoying gelato or cappuccino. Definitely one of the best places to visit in Europe in November.

Assisi, Italy

Sure Assisi might not have the big city feel because technically, it’s not a city. With about thirty thousand locals, this place is the perfect getaway spot during the autumn. You’ll also get to enjoy maximum entertainment while there. Located in the heart of Umbria, Assisi is home to a world heritage site. The scenic destination is home to quite a few gothic churches. It doesn’t matter what your religious inclinations are, Assisi welcomes everyone and makes the feel at home. The sights and sounds, tranquillity and peace here is something to behold and experience. It’s the perfect place for a quick weekend recharge.

Corfu, Greece

autumn trees in corfu
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The island of Corfu is a favorite destination for Greeks and European visitors alike in November. Located in the Ionian Sea, the island’s placid and beautiful turquoise waters, dramatic cliffs, and lush vegetation have made it a popular tourist spot for decades now! The island’s charms are magnified in the autumn when the temperatures are still warm and there’s little rain, but most of the tourists have gone home already, leaving the streets and beaches quiet and serene. If you’re looking for a relaxing European escape this autumn, look no further than Corfu, it’s packed with everything you need.

Corfu, Greece is a majestic and stunningly beautiful place to visit in November for a late autumn vacation. The clear blue waters, the lively town culture, and the delicious food make it an unforgettable experience. From exploring the breathtaking architecture of the Venetian fortresses to relaxing on the beach, there is something for everyone to enjoy in this charming corner of Europe in November.

Crete Island, Greece

Greece has been in the news more for its economic woes than its reputation as an amazing tourist destination. It’s also an excellent place for an autumn getaway. Crete Island boasts of picturesque views, whitewashed walls, blue domes and roofs, emerald and blue waters shimmering in the sun, and very clement weather almost all year round. Looking for an excellent city break, Crete Island is definitely the right place to go. Enjoy the beaches, get great prices and discounts on the luxury resorts, and have a truly amazing weekend or holiday there.

Budapest, Hungary

autumn in bustapest
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Budapest, Hungary is definitely a place to check out in November. The weather is still comfortable but chilly during the day with average temperatures hovering around 10-12 degrees Celsius. But what makes November so great in Budapest is all of the festivities that are going on. There’s of course the Hungry Christmas Market. So if you’re looking for a fun and festive place to go in November, Budapest should definitely be at the top.

This is a city that offers something for everyone. Nestled along the banks of the Danube River, it is rich in history, architecture, and culture. November is an ideal time to visit, as the weather is cool and crisp, and the leaves are changing color, providing beautiful views. Be sure to check out some of the city’s famous bars while you’re there.}

Granada, Spain

Visit Spain: From Fortresses to Private Club Entry
Granada Spain.Alhambra of Granada Spain. Alhambra fortress at twilight.

This city even though beautiful during the summer is even more spectacular during the autumn. Located beneath the shadow of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, the quintessential Spanish city is everything you’ll want for a city break and then some. Places to see and visit in Granada include the Alhambra Palace– a majestic fourteenth-century building often referred to as the best Islamic art in Europe- the beaches and swimming in the waters.

Gdansk, Poland

buildings in gdansk while in autumn
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Gdansk, Poland is a city located on the Baltic Sea and is the capital of the Pomeranian Voivodeship. On the surface, it doesn’t have much to offer in the way of tourist attractions; however, if you take the time to explore the city and get to know the people, you’ll find that Gdansk is a hidden gem full of culture and history. In November, the weather is still a bit mild and there are few tourists, so it’s the perfect time to visit.

It has a population of almost 472,000 and is well-known for its amber jewelry and shipbuilding industry. Gdansk was also the birthplace of the Solidarity movement, which played a huge role in putting an end to Communism in Poland. The city is home to some beautiful architecture and some interesting places to visit in November, like the Museum of the Second World War, Basilica of St. Mary of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and Neptune’s fountain!

Prague, Czech Republic

prague building and trees in autumn
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Of course, there’s no European travel list in November without Prague! It’s a top destination all year round!

If you’re looking for a city with stunning architecture, a rich history, landscapes that look like a medieval fairy tale, and plenty of things to do, look no further! Prague is your place to go in Autumn. The capital of the Czech Republic is a great destination to visit in November, when the weather is still mild but a bit chilly, there are fewer tourists around, the city is packed out in beautiful fall colors and the Christmas markets are in full swing.

In addition to admiring the city’s well-preserved medieval buildings, visitors can enjoy concerts, theater performances, art exhibitions, and some of the typical tourist attractions like Prague Castle, the Charles Bridge, Wenceslas Square, and Old Town Square. Prague is one of that places where simply walking is an incredible activity.

The Lavaux Vineyard Terraces in Switzerland

Close to Lake Geneva and located between Lausanne and Chateau de Chillon, this vineyard is a truly amazing autumn holiday destination. With its scenic rolling hills, this World Heritage Site has been in use since the 11th century. This place particularly attracts hikers who prefer trekking the paths whilst tasting wines and passing vineyards. Those who are more interested in wine tasting have carts available for carrying them around the town. Bottom line, if you’re seeking fragrant wines and a spectacularly picturesque autumn holiday destination, you cannot go wrong here.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen in autumn
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The colors of Copenhagen in autumn are an artist’s palette, for real, a symphony of oranges, yellows, and reds that stretch out before you as far as the eye can see. The cool breeze that comes with the changing of the season is a refreshing contrast to the warm sun that bathes the city in a golden light. Tourists travel to Denmark during these months to enjoy the magnificent views and crisp air, but there is something about spending autumn in Copenhagen that makes it feel like your secret city, just for you, there’s some magic in the air!

Copenhagen is a city that’s constantly evolving. Named the Happy Capital of the World by The Guardian, it seems like there’s always something new to explore. Autumn is one of the most favorite times of year to visit when the leaves change color and the air turns a bit chilly, but it’s enjoyable. You will love walking around the city and taking in all the different sights and sounds, taking photos, and there’s always something interesting going on no matter what time of year you visit.

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Amazing, right? You can stop wondering where will you be traveling to Europe in November! I know there are many different cities and countries to choose from, each with its own unique culture and history. That’s why I tried my best to gather the best destinations. November is a great season to visit many places in Europe, hope this list helps you out!

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