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Best Places to Visit in Central America

There are green places between South and North America, and though some people might miss out these places on the map, but they are a unique amalgamation of adventure, tropical wildlife, ancient ruins, and complex cultures.

If you are a first time visitor, you must try visiting lava-gurgling volcanoes that look like perfect cones going above the line of clouds. There are Mayan pyramids and rambling forests around them, along with the wild canopy which is the house of quetzals, howler monkeys, sloths and pumas. A trip to Central America might play havoc with your budget, so you can try looking for some special travel coupons such as an coupon code to and save money.

Let’s check out a few places that you can visit:

Guatemala- Tikal
If you want to have an adventure in the sharp sided temples that go to the height of over 44m, then Tikal is the right place to visit. The temples of Tikal have mostly been uncovered, and some parts have been restored. You will notice a very peaceful aura along with animal noises to enhance the experience of the Mayan area.

Belize- The Hummingbird Highway
As you pass through the citrus orchards edging along Maya Mountain range, you will notice the Hummingbird highway of Belize. There are many reasons why you must stop here, and the chief of them is a visit to St Herman’s Cave and Cave’s Branch. These places offer a touch of classic Mayan culture where you can even see calcified skeletons.

Honduras- Bay Islands
These islands move to a reggae beat and here you can find the best snorkeling and diving opportunities in Central America. Sitting comfortably on the southern side of the Mesoamerican Reef, this place is a dream-come-true for water lovers. And if you are fond of backpacking, you will love cheap accommodation and sand streets of Utila.

Panama City
Panama City is the most cosmopolitan area in Central America, and is a gateway to the natural riches of the country. It is a lively destination in its own way. It is a place of international trade and banking, and supports a stifling skyline of steel towers and shimmering glass. With hottest nightspots and luxury cafes, it is a treat for people who look for an active nightlife.

Costa Rica- Arenal Route
If you have some time on your hands, take the Ciudad Quesada- Arenal area road. It is one stunning ride. The route will take you through lush green, river rich areas passing through quaint and prosperous towns decorated brightly with bougainvillea. You can see mini villages and coffee houses as you drive by, and the whole scenery will be like a child’s pop-up book.

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