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Top 10 Best Places in Florida to Retire

When you get to the point of retirement, you probably have a lot of plans in terms of where to go and what to do. It is almost a universal thing to have some exciting plans, or at least relocate to a different city or country. When people retire, they are often ready for a change and the beginning of a new adventure. After all, we all have some bucket lists. When you stay active, you are one step closer to finding a new adventure and maybe even finishing your bucket list! Are you thinking about relocating after you retire? This is a list of ten of the most amazing places to retire in Florida

This is a compiled list of top places to retire in Florida. If you wonder why Florida, well, the answer is simple. Florida can offer a lot of things that other states can’t. It is sunny, and it has a lot of interesting events that can boost the adventure when you retire. So, let’s begin our list!

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Top Places to Retire in Florida

1.  Boynton Beach

This is one of the most popular places to retire in Florida. It is a very friendly place that has a diverse community of all ages. Here you will find great white sandy beaches and beautiful parks. One of the best things is that the winters are very warm. If you decide that you are relocating home to Boynton Beach you should learn to play golf. In Boynton Beach, golf is very popular, and you will make a lot of new friends by simply playing golf. And, if you like to shop, you can always visit Miami!

In Boynton Beach, you will find one of the best great white sandy beaches in Florida!

2. Naples

This really is one of the top places to retire in Florida. Besides that, it is also among the best places to retire in the south! Here, you will find a lot of reliable medical centers. Over 50% of the population are seniors, so you will definitely find new friends easily here! Naples can also be a great place if you want to travel when you retire. Also, golf is very popular here. But besides that, you will be able to find a lot of recreational activities for seniors here!

3. Orange Park

This is a small inland city. If you like calm, small-town living – this is a great option for you! It also has everything you might need – medical centers and recreational amenities that are available for seniors. You won’t be able to play golf on a big course like the ones in Boynton Beach, but you will live in a small and peaceful city – just like you wanted!

4. Fort Lauderdale

If you prefer an active retirement, this can be a great place for you. There are more than 23 miles of sandy sunny beaches and a really long list of bars and restaurants. So, you will definitely be able to keep a very active social life. We have not mentioned it until now, but keep in mind you will need assistance when you are relocating. You can find reliable moving pros in Fort Lauderdale that will help you. Besides, they will be able to give you some extra tips about this highly active community. And, we left the best for last – Fort Lauderdale is very tax-friendly! Keep that in mind!

Fort Lauderdale is a very active community of Fort Lauderdale as one of the top places to retire in Florida

5. Brooksville

Brooksville is just an hour away from Tampa, and this is also a small town with less than 8000 people living in it. This place brings a different charm to the table – it has a lot of historical homes. And since you are very close to Tampa, maybe you can organize some trips and travel around Florida. After a day or two of sightseeing, you can come back home to Brooksville. Your peaceful home! You can even start a blog about your travels. That can be a great activity when you are retired.

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6. New Port Richey

This community is near the Gulf of Mexico. It is close to a big city which means that you will have access to many different things. For example, you will be able to visit some essential professional sporting events. If you are not a fan of that – you can visit a lot of museums and different cultural events. New Port Richey has a little higher tax burden, but you will have access to great medical centers and different retirement communities. One thing is sure – you will enjoy your retirement if you move here!

New Port Richey is very close to the Gulf of Mexico, so you can have different adventures

7. Stuart

Stuart is very close to West Palm Beach and Port St. Lucie. And if you are a sports fan, you probably know that Port St. Lucie is home to the spring training home of the New York Mets. A lot of New Yorkers come here simply because of the warm weather. Stuart has a lot of recreation centers, and you will be able to stay active after you retire.

8. Venice

This city is known as the “shark’s tooth capital of the world”. So, if you like wildlife and sharks – this is the place for you. They even have an annual Shark’s Tooth Festival. This town brings you unique experiences, and it has a very active retirement community. You will have access to a lot of medical centers. We mention this because this is one of the most important factors when you start looking for a place to retire. That is why there are so many top places to retire in Florida!

Venice is special because of its sharks!

9. Sarasota

It is located south of Tampa and, like all other places in Florida, it has a lot of medical centers. Moreover, Sarasota has its own ballet and opera – so, if you love art, this is the place for you. And since Tampa is located near Sarasota – you will be able to visit a lot of museums and different events. This really is one of the top places to retire in Florida.

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10. Sun City Center

This place is different from all the other ones that we mentioned. This is a retirement-focused community. They even have an age restriction and nobody under 55 years of age can live here. Since it is specially oriented towards retired people, you will find a club for anything – from sewing to ham radios. This unique town is located between Sarasota and Tampa, so you can always go on a short trip!

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