Top 7 Best Places for Kite Surf In The World

Kite surfing is a perfect sport for those who want to travel around the world. However, choosing the best place to go is not always easy. Sunny beaches, warm weather, consistent winds, perfectly flat water, or readable waves are all essential, but to make the place perfect, it should be buzzing with good vibes. Seven of the best places to kite surf that anyone can visit from around the world. Take a look at this list of adventure travel.

Luckily, there are lots of top spots in the world where you can enjoy kite surfing. Whether you are a big wave rider, hotspot freestyle or someone who wants to try kite surfing for the first time, make sure to read more about these following places to kite surf:

Places To Kite Surf

Top 7 Places To Kite Surf in the World

Kalpitiya, Sri Lanka

It’s best to kite surf in this location from May to September. Nestled on a narrow sandbar of Sri Lanka’s west site, Kalpitiya has consistent 20 to 30-knot winds. It’s also a famous place for professionals to practice.

Renowned for its shallow waters on its wide, flat long lagoon, Kalpitiya is also perfect for beginners. That is the reason why there are some kite surfing schools you can find in town. For those who want to take their kite surfing experience to the next level, the ocean-side across the sandbar offers manageable and fun waves during the winter season.

Maui, Hawaii

In 1996, Maui took kite surfing to the mainstream when it hosted the first competition. At present, it’s still a top kite surfing location in the world known for its consistent winds, warm temperatures, and cool party atmosphere.

Maui takes pride in having so much coastline and the surf sites are well segregated, so other sports won’t clash. During summer, the Northeast winds blow from 15 to 25 knots, accelerating along the North Shore, which makes it a top destination for kite surfers out there. The best time to visit Maui for kite surfing is between March and October. These months are known for big waves and strong winds.

Tarifa, Southern Spain

It is considered as one of the top spots for kite surfing in Europe. Ideal for kite surfers of any level, Tarifa is best from April to November because of its consistent strong winds. Aside from that, the place is known for its fantastic Spanish food, vibe, and buzzing atmosphere. Popularized as Levante, it produces extra strong winds between July and October.

Essaouira, Morocco

A trip to this beautiful fishing harbor is definitely a great Moroccan experience for any tourist. However, its gently sloping beach is what makes Essaouira a go-to spot when it comes to kite surfing in North Africa.

Further south, Dakhla is the world championship destination of the country for kite surfing because it has long gentle waves and consistent wind ideal for all kite surfers. If you prefer bigger waves, you can check out Moulay and Sidi Kaouki in Essaouira.

La Ventana, Baja California, Mexico

Situated on Baja California Peninsula’s eastern side, La Ventana is an L-shaped UNESCO World Heritage Site, which offers a flat calm, turquoise warm water. Plus, the wind conditions are perfect for all levels. In fact, the lagoon behind La Ventana is now a kite park.

The uncrowded, wide beach has side-shore winds, which makes it easy to kitesurf. Beginners can enjoy lower speeds in the morning or evening. However, stronger speeds can be enjoyed at noontime, which can be perfect for kitesurfers who prefer thrills.

Mui Ne, Vietnam

The palm-backed sandy beach of Mui Ne is considered as the kite surfing capital in Asia. It offers at least 12 knots of wind with gentler summer southerlies and consistent strong winter northerlies, which can range up to 40 knots. However, do not expect perfection in Mui Ne because it isn’t as pristine as it was before due to pollution.

Fuerteventura, Canary Islands

It is best to visit the place from May to September. Fuerteventura actually means strong wind and there are numerous destinations in this place where you can enjoy kitesurfing. One of these is Sotavento, which offers an ideal setup. Its 4km tropical beach is backed by a shallow lagoon, which provides both rough and flat water suitable for all kite surfers out there. Beginners may also head to Corralejo while advanced riders may head further north. You can visit the place during winter for the strongest winds.


Whether you are a first-timer or a professional kitesurfer, you have various kite surfing destinations you can choose from. Depending on your preferences, make sure to keep those suggested places in mind whenever you want to make the most out of your kite surfing experience. Just make sure to do your research first before you visit any of those places as every location has different regulations in terms of kite surfing.

Last Updated on June 27, 2022

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