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Culinary Guide to London: Best Places to Visit for Food

British cuisine might not be as fancy and interesting as French, Spanish, or Italian, but it does have a special charm. Britain also leverages the fact that the country is a mix of cultures, which is the reason why eating in London is one of the most exciting adventures for a foodie in the world. The abundance of restaurants from any cuisine imaginable and their original mixes will have you exploring the mammoth of a city for days. But there are a few stops that you definitely must make on your very first visit. Information about the food you have to try and the best restaurants where you can try it.

London is among the best cities in the world for food, and it’s totally worth it! You can find a huge variety of dishes, from vegan food that give you energy to dishes from world-known chef and some of the best street food in the world. There’s plenty to taste in London for a special occasion, the ultimate destination for a food lover.

Culinary Guide to London

Best Places to Eat in London

E. Pellicci

Pellicciis the place to go if you are looking for a truly British classic both in atmosphere and menu. Located at the East End of London and boasting over 100 years of history, this restaurant is the quintessence of British eateries.

Come here to enjoy your Full English breakfast featuring perfectly cooked sausage, egg, toast, mushrooms, tomatoes, and a generous serving of bacon. The place is so classic, it’s actually Grade II English Heritage Site.

Tate Modern

In the majority of cases, brochures for restaurants feature pictures of mouthwatering foods sprinkled with exotic names and the place’s contact information. However promotional stuff of Tate Modern literally has works of art. It’s a café at the Tate Modern Art Gallery and unlike 99% of museum cafes, this one is amazing. The café’s design is stunning in its modern elegance, as you should expect from a place associated with one of the most popular art galleries in the world.

Come to Tate Modern to enjoy classic sandwiches, delicious cakes, and coffee brewed with beans roasted in a World War II Nissen Hut located at Tate Britain.


British food means fish and chips, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better serving of this classic treat than the one offered by Parsons. The menu at this tiny and unassuming diner goes on to include a variety of seafood and wines that you wouldn’t expect to find in a place so seemingly simple.

The fish and shellfish on offer change every day, so you’ll get some excitement from discovering something special. The chips offered at Parsons are, arguably, some of the best in Britain.


The history between India and Great Britain has not always been pleasant, but there’s no denying the tremendous influence it had on both countries. Dishoom is where you can experience the best of it and enjoy a Bombay café, which is a hard find in the modern world. Voted as the Best Restaurant in the UK in 2015 and 2016, Dishoom is a truly magical place, and you won’t find another one like it.

Try all your Indian favorites while at Dishoom as here they are cooked with a special flair. The restaurant has a collection of specials that you’ll definitely enjoy.

The Savoy Hotel

To enjoy the luxury of English aristocracy, you must have an afternoon tea at The Savoy. The afternoon tea is a British custom, so the entire ceremony will be a special experience that you aren’t likely to forget. The only problem is that the place is booked far ahead, so you should plan your visit well in advance.


If you love everything out of the ordinary, Sketch is the place for you. It’s a mix of styles, cultures, recipes, and ideas from genius restaurateurs. This is a place for fine dining and afternoon tea that will make you recall the famed tea party from Alice in Wonderland.

Sketch desserts are a must-try as they are unique and created by the masters of culinary arts.

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