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Where Can I Buy Frozen Seafood Online? Best Places to Buy Seafood in 2022

When it comes to buying quality frozen seafood online, you need to go to a trusted marketplace. You don’t want to go to a seller that sells seafood that is many days old. 

You can buy high-quality seafood online if you know the best place to go for that. And when looking at the best places to buy seafood, go to the names that have a good reputation in the market is always a good idea.

Fish providers at Fulton Fish Market, and Rastelli’s are well-known for providing quality seafood. And now, these fish providers are offering their services online that you can acquire to buy seafood online and have it delivered to your home. 

There are many other popular marketplaces as well that you can use to buy fresh seafood.  

So, if you don’t have access to fresh fish in your area, then here are the best online marketplaces that you can go to for buying frozen seafood 

Where Can I Buy Fresh Seafood Online?

  • Fulton Fish Market – This fish market is the second-largest market for fresh and frozen fish in the whole world. They have been in the business since 1822 and now they are offering online seafood delivery services that you can use to get seafood while staying at home. Fulton Fish Market is a trusted marketplace that you can use to buy frozen fish. 

You can fry the Fish that you get from Fulton Market and try using the stanstips recommanded deep fryer at home. You can try out other recipes as well.  

  • Rastelli’s – Rastelli’s started as a butcher shop in 1976. Although they deal with all kinds of quality animal meat, they are also selling seafood now. And thanks to their amazing reputation, they are doing quite great in that as well. You can get all kinds of frozen seafood here without having to leave your house. Your order needs to be at least $200 if you want free shipping. You can buy curated boxes and cook quality seafood at home.  
  • Maine Lobster Now – This online store is offering its customers fresh lobsters straight from the region of Maine. You can get scallops, shellfish, and fresh fish from here. Although the lobster is their specialty. If you want to stock up on fish, then you should check this place out because they offer awesome discounts.  
  • Sitka Salmon Shares – Sitka Salmon Shares is the best place to buy fresh salmon and other kinds of seafood in our opinion. This provider provides fish caught from the Alaskan Waters. This company is run by small-scale family fishermen who retain about 20% to 30% more than the value that you get from retailers. Since the fish is sourced from local fishermen, its quality is quite commendable. 

Where is the Best Place to Buy Shrimp Online?

  • Thrive Market – Thrive Market is an innovative marketplace for buying Shrimp and seafood online. This marketplace offers you to build your meat and seafood box features at $119. You can get fresh frozen shrimp from here as well as wild-caught cod, salmon, and lobster tails. You can grill these seafoods to make different recipes. The Smokeless Indoor Grills can help you with that.  
  • Sea 2 Table – If you are looking to eat some great catches like Skate, Dover Sole, or redfish, you can get it from this online fish marketplace. They have a wide range of fish boxes that you can choose from. The FedEx group ships all the orders, and you can expect the seafood to be delivered to you in the fastest way possible.  

Why is Online Seafood So Expensive?

Seafood is generally more expensive than any other kind of meat. This is because it is quite hard to get access to fresh seafood consistently. This also means you will be safe in the knowledge that you will be consuming sustainably sourced produce and of high quality too. 

Catching fish is a lot harder than getting meat from chicken or cattle. And then storing it is a totally different struggle. The bottom line is fresh fish is almost always wild-caught which can be an expensive undertaking. 

Online seafood gets even more expensive because the providers need to take much greater care of the fish meat so that it remains fresh when it is delivered to you. 

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