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Best Places in Florida to Buy a Vacation Home

If there’s a common wish on every vacation lover’s bucket list, it’s to own a vacation home. One of the ways of showing off your wealth is acquiring a vacation home, as it is known to give the feel of a home away from home. However, this trend is no longer enjoyed by the high class since people can now book vacation homes of their choice for the period it is needed. Meanwhile, this rent option is often cheaper and more comfortable for vacationers than a hotel and is available in your favorite holiday locations. 

Florida, known for his all year round sunshine with sunny beaches, is the perfect spot for a vacation home. With its beautiful shoreline and medium-sized beaches, it has a high year-round population of tourists and individuals on vacation. Interestingly, you can get some of these Oceanside homes for less than $500,000 in some parts of Florida. 

However, before we go into the details of the best places to buy a vacation home in Florida, you might like to check out some great houses for rent in Florida by owner. When picking these places, we considered factors like the cost of houses in the area, prevailing rent, property taxes of the region, maintenance costs, and rental and occupancy rates of tourists in the area. So whether it’s just the choice of owning a vacation home or looking for the ideal place for property investment, below are some of the best places to consider in Florida.

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Pensacola is the westernmost city in Florida and the first on our list. It has a population of about 500,000, constantly increasing by the influx of tourists. The average listing price of houses in the area is one of the lowest in Florida, with most properties less than $300,000. 

There are options from luxurious homes to beachside condos available in Pensacola. This city is also popular because property owners can earn a rental income of up to $38,000. These are reasons why Pensacola is fast becoming home to many retirees and the number one choice for families on vacation.

Daytona Beach

Daytona Beach, with a population of about 700,000 residents, is known for its white hand-packed sandy beaches and sunny climate. It is one of the best places to consider when buying your vacation home in Florida. The median listing price of homes in the area is about $270,000, and the average rent is slightly over $30,000. With lots of activities available for tourists, this city is fast becoming the perfect vacation destination.


Navarre is a censor-designated area situated in the northwest part of Florida. With an average price of $450,000, we recommend this area when the cost is not a problem. 

Homeowners will, however, make back their money as the rental income in Navarre is estimated at $45,000. With a population of 40,000 residents, this area is a small but growing community in Florida amongst tourists and nature enthusiasts.


As its name implies, Clearwater in Florida is known for its white sandy beaches and clear blue waters on the gulf coast. With many tourists and marine life enthusiasts making their way to this small city, it is a great property investment. The estimated rental income for investors in clear water is about $20,000. Houses in Clearwater are also affordable for individuals who want to buy a vacation home for personal use, costing about $350,000.

Panama City Beach

Panama city beach is a waterfront town in Florida known for its white sand and calm, clear beaches. It has two nature preserves, fishing piers, and hiking trails, making it an ideal vacation destination. The median listing price for properties in Panama City is $500,000. While this might look pricey, investors tend to make back their money with rental income at a high of over $30,000.


Last on our list is Jacksonville. This town is located on the Atlantic coast of Florida, being the largest and most populous city in Florida. While most will expect the price of properties to be high in this area, we were pleasantly surprised to find that the average cost of houses in Jacksonville is $300,000. 

Investors, however, stand to make about $21,000 in rental income. Moreover, Jacksonville has several attractions and employment opportunities to make renters move to this beautiful city. So, there will hardly be a time of renter shortage. 


We have carefully reviewed some of Florida’s best places to buy your vacation home. The best part is that these areas are close to the beach or nature reserves, making them the ideal place to buy your vacation home. Also, we noticed that the prices are not higher than most inland properties in other parts of the US.

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