Best Places and Water Activities in Jamaica You Must Check

One of the biggest draws of an island like Jamaica is the amount of water activities you can find, it’s a paradise for adventure travelers. That’s why I gathered the best spots and water activities you need to try in Jamaica.

Jamaica is one of the most popular travel destinations in the Caribbean. With glorified weather, a ton of natural landmarks, and the possibility to swim with dolphins in Puerto Seco, the island has been attracting visitors from all over the world for a long time. Not only that, it’s home to some of the best beaches, stunning landscapes, and lush green forests with diverse wildlife, making it one of the most complete destinations for a vacation.

Undoubtedly, the beaches and the Caribbean Sea will offer the best Jamaica Experiences, from meeting dolphins to snorkeling on a reef.

person swimming on a beach in Negril, Jamaica

Ocho Rios

While you can do water activities anywhere on the island, by far, the best place to do them s Ocho Rios. It offers the capability to do a wide range of different water activities and Jamaica All-Inclusive, from common ones like snorkeling to parasailing.

Head to Ocho Rios Marine Park and Devil’s Reef for a unique scuba diving or snorkeling adventure, you’ll find a ton of tours willing to take you there, offering equipment and by the hand of a specialized instructor. There are places with shallow water where you can spot a lot of marine life, suitable for beginners. While devil’s Reef is more for the experienced or mid-divers.

You can snorkel on every single beach in the area as soon as you want but consider visiting the mentioned spots.

If you want to try parasailing or ride a jet ski, there are many beaches suitable for that like Ocho Rios Beach, Mahogany Beach, or Little Dunn’s River Beach.


Now, head to Negril, while you can find great diving spots, jet ski, and paragliding, this part of the island is more suitable for a catamaran cruise. You can find a ton of tours offering these cruises, where you’ll be taken to an unforgettable adventure, most tours include checking multiple attractions, cliff jumping, and snorkeling on a coral reef.

Negril is also a great place for windsurfing and water-skiing, head to Negril Seven Mile Beach or Coral Beach to enjoy these activities. You can easily find classes and rent equipment there.

Also, you’ll be able to go kayaking or do standup paddleboarding.

Montego Bay

Your next stop is Montego Bay, it’s a popular area with a ton of resorts and beaches, but an interesting turn is that you’ll be able to do river rafting in the area. There are various agencies that will take you on this adventure.

A popular option is bamboo rafting, where you’ll be riding The Great River on top of a bamboo platform that can carry two persons, usually those tours comes with a massage. It’s a great opportunity to get to know better the local culture.

A good addition to this location is a tour of the Luminous Lagoon Glistening Waters, it’s situated in Falmouth and easily reachable on a 45-min drive.

Last Updated on July 30, 2023

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