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Best Mobile Games You Can’t Miss While Traveling

Have you been facing boredom due to long hours of commute or while undertaking a journey? Do you want to turn your time into excitement and fun? If yes, then cheer up, as based on what I have experienced while commuting from home to office and vice versa, I have compiled a list of mobile games which actually helped me and I am sure it is going to give you “wow” moments as well. Yes, these games are not age eccentric as people of all walks of life are actually enjoying them all with their hearts out, (so to speak).Never get bored while traveling with these mobile games.If you don’t have anyone to chat while traveling, play these cool games.

Best Mobile Games You Can’t Miss While Travelling
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Ridiculous Fishing (iOS & Android)

As long as the specific game creates an exciting place in our hearts, we give due respect to it. Likewise, ridiculous fishing is a perfect testimony of exciting times waiting for you. Yes, it centers around cute, little fishes which offers quite a refreshing change to say the least.

Flight control (iOS & Android)

The way you manage to land planes on the airstrip by giving them their way is something which can be seen here. The interesting part of the game lies when the number of planes increase and you need to be more quick in your actions as well. You would love to accept challenge of what this game offers to you.

Threes (iOS & Android)

Well, at the face of it, the game may not look so interesting but if you start this “number” game, then you will realize what’s all you have been missing up-till now. Yes, welcome to the world of “number game” where you mathematical skills can just be an additional benefit for you to overcome the challenges quickly. The UI of the game is neat and clear which further necessitates you to go for the game in style. Considering the brainy task which you are supposed to accomplish through the game, as a game lover, if you also feel like reviewing slot games, then I would best advice to have a look at 9 things to consider while reviewing online slot sites. Considering the fact that we tend to be active on different gaming sites by writing reviews or “directions” for “how to play certain games” etc (for helping masses) as these sort of collective efforts has been popularizing games like never before.

The Room (iOS & Android)

Have you ever experienced the fact that the most challenging and brainy games are the best ones? Yes, after all, they test our patience and we strive to make the best use of our skills and mind to overcome the different challenges one by one only to be adjudged as the winner. Quite like “The Room” whose destiny lies towards how quickly you overcome the hindrances to become the “king of games” so to speak.

Desert Golfing (iOS & Android)

Yes, this is an interesting game, quite like its name. If you want to see how exciting and captivating a certain game can actually be, then play it and I am sure you will thank me for this.

Final thoughts

Games are meant to be the best companion, especially when we have no one with us. We want a change from our daily and monotonous routine and the aforesaid games come like a “rescuer” to us. Yes, their existence excite us, give us smiles and make us re-live some of the best, exciting and awesome moments which we have actually spent in the company of near and dear friends.

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