Top 9 Best Nightlife in Colorado Springs You Can’t Miss

Colorado Springs is a wonderful city with fantastic charm. The downtown is filled with great restaurants, bars, pubs, wineries, and distilleries. Don’t miss an amazing opportunity to visit Colorado Springs during the most interesting and exciting period of the day — when the sun goes down. Because the nightlife here is something, you definitely won’t be disappointed by it. What nightlife in Colorado Springs is all about and how to enjoy it the most. I have listed here the best Colorado Springs nightlife.

Take a look at this article to learn more about the nightlife in Colorado Springs and why it’s one of the best states to move to in the US.

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Colorado Springs

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Best Nightlife in Colorado Springs

Zodiac Venue and Bar

This place is famous for its easy-going atmosphere, delicious cocktails for a reasonable price, and funny and friendly bartenders offering one fo the best Colorado Springs nightlife. Every day here is special, as the owners often organize eclectic-themed evenings to gather people of different nationalities. If you appreciate good music, the local DJs are here for you. Dancing, karaoke, and drinks will make your night amazing.

The Burrowing Owl

It is a vegetarian dive bar. They serve more than 110 canned beers every evening. The drinks here are famous for bizarre ingredients, such as agave syrup, apple cider vinegar, or pure whiskey. The brand-new menu includes three different kinds of Mac and Cheese. The main and the most popular one is spicy King’s Chef green chile mac. If you adore scrumptious meals, The Burrowing Owl is the best spot for you.

Distillery 291

It is the first distillery in Colorado Springs. Michael Myers, the former fashion photographer in New York, founded it in 2011. Here you can try one of the most delicious bourbons (named Colorado Bourbon) that won Double Gold in 2016 in San Francisco. Also, they make the best whiskey (Best American Rye Whiskey) according to World Whiskey Competition in London. The open days are from Wednesday to Saturday.

South Food + Wine Bar

If you want to try the best locally made blueberry ice creams and chocolate profiteroles, 2 South Food + Wine Bar will become a perfect place. The great thing about this bar is that the owner changes 20% of the wine list every two weeks so that people have the opportunity to sample different kinds of fine alcohol in one spot. People, who come to see an excellent wine presentation, are always amazed by its grandiosity.

The happy hours are 3-5 pm. During those 2 hours, visitors can get a half-off discount on the second order in the check. This economical option is ideal for people with a tight budget or for those who adore saving up money.

The Rabbit Hole

With a menu like this, you can be sure you will try something incredible, whatever you order. If your passion is beer, there is a huge selection available. And most of them are originally made in Colorado, making a great option for Colorado Springs nightlife. But if you are more of a wine drinker, bartenders are ready to impress you with an enormous collection of red and white wines from across the US. Of course, sparkling champagne bottles are available too.

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Jack Quinn Irish Alehouse & Pub

It’s easy to understand, why Jack Quinn’s Pub is one of the favorites in Colorado Springs. Every Wednesday, visitors have pretty good discounts on whiskey (mainly half-off). Besides, karaoke is the best here.

You will find traditional American music here every Sunday and home-style cuisine that won’t leave anybody disappointed. You can dance, sing, eat, and have fun with your friends. This pub is also fantastic for getting acquainted with new people and relaxing together.

This place is also popular for mixing different kinds of beer (Black and Brown, Black and Tan, and others). Find your favorite flavor, and you will be surprised how much you enjoy these drinks. For all beer lovers, Jack Quinn Irish Alehouse & Pub is a must-visit.

Underground Bar and Grill

This place is all about fun. Bingo and poker games gather a lot of people every day, that is why the bar is never empty. The most favorite time of visiting for everybody is Wednesday, as the entrance after 10 pm is only 10$, but the drinks are free, so you can try everything you want and have as many cocktails as you can.

The underground Bar is a popular place, and they welcome everybody here, but don’t forget that it is a gay bar too. Friday is a special day for gay shows and mini-games.

Motif Jazz Bar

The spot is definitely perfect for your dates. It is not open every day but is worth visiting. The atmosphere is very relaxing thanks to living jazz music. But even if you are not interested in that kind of music, there is a huge selection of craft cocktails. The public’s favorites are Crème Brûlée Martini and The English Cucumber (A vodka-based drink).

Choose Your Night Mood at Colorado Springs

The mentioned places are popular among the locals, which means that you won’t find many tourists here. Although each night bar or pub has something to offer, you need to listen to your inner gut and choose the most suitable place to visit. Sometimes one destination can be good for a relaxing mood when you need some lounge time while others are ideal for crazy parties where you paint the town red. Listen to your heart and welcome to the nightlife of the stunning Colorado Springs!

Last Updated on September 2, 2023

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