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10 Best Neighborhoods in Manhattan You Need to Vist!

Manhattan is a huge city with unstoppable energy. There is always some exciting event going on. This city is home to landmarks known around the world. It is divided into neighborhoods, each has particularities that make it special, and it is the combination of all of these that make Manhattan such a special place. If you’re looking for the best ones, don’t worry, I have listed the best neighborhoods in Manhattan.

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Best Neighborhoods in Manhattan

Photo By: Mohib Ahmad

10 of the Best Neighborhoods in Manhattan:

  1. Wall Street – This is the financial district of New York City, one of the most important ones in the world. Until 1996 it was just a bunch of office buildings, but now a fifth of the buildings have been changed into living areas, making it a true neighborhood.
  2. Greenwich Village – It is a residential area located between Broadway and the Hudson River. It used to be a village outside of New York but became part of the city as it grew, and is now considered a historic district.
  3. East Village – This village is also known as Alphabet City, it is formed by many other smaller neighborhoods and is the center of the counterculture of New York. It is also the birthplace of movements like punk rock.
  4. Soho – Also known as the Iron Historic District, this neighborhood consists of 26 blocks. This part of the city is a place that you should visit if you like art galleries and shopping.
  5. Chelsea – The neighborhood contains significant examples of period architecture. It is mostly residential, and its few businesses reflect the ethnic diversity of the city. Its western side is also famous for its art galleries.
  6. Meat Packing District – It started as a small place with a few families selling meat and dairy at the Gansevoort Market. It is still a small place, but is now known as the most fashionable district of New York.
  7. Midtown – This is New York’s largest business district, where you will find iconic places like the Empire State, Chrysler Building, The United Nations headquarters, Broadway, Rockefeller Center, and Times Square.
  8. Upper West Side – The Upper West Side is an upscale residential area with a reputation as being Manhattan’s cultural, intellectual, and artistic center. You will find it between Central Park and the Hudson River.
  9. Upper East Side – It is the community with the higher population density in the city and is the place where you will be able to find museums that are famous around the world. There is a string of museums along Fifth Avenue.
  10. Harlem – This is a large neighborhood that was founded in the 17th century and became a world-renowned center of the African-American culture. It is also home to tons of Landmarks that have been declared Historic Places.

Each of these 10 neighborhoods in Manhattan offers days filled with free things to do and places to visit for travelers and locals. So make sure to visit at least a couple the next time you visit New York.

10 of the Best Neighborhoods in Manhattan


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