3 Best Latin American Restaurants in Canada

Have a love for the culture and food present in the diverse countries located in Central and South America? Many of us do, as the ambitious dishes created via fusion between European and indigenous flavors often have far more life to them than the bland meals common in North America. My selection of what to me are the top three best Latin American restaurants in Canada.

If you find yourself traveling in Canada for business or pleasure in 2022, but you find yourself longing for a taste of latin america, give the following restaurants a try.

Best Latin American Restaurants in Canada

Best Latin American Restaurants in Canada

El Caracol Cafe (Central American), Vancouver, BC

Mexican food tends to get all the attention when one thinks of Latin American cuisine, but the other nations of Central America have something to contribute to this discussion as well. Sample the best that nations from Guatemala to Panama have to offer by visiting the El Caracol Cafe when you find yourself in Vancouver.

With everything from tamales to pupusas on the menu, you’ll see that these countries have a palate that does in fact deviate from rice and beans (although, we would never turn down a good plate from gallo pinto).

After filling your boots at this cosy spot, you may feel like retiring to your hotel than hitting Granville Street like you planned. Your evening doesn’t have to be boring as a result of this choice, though, as the internet offers plenty of amusements.

Tres Carnales (Mexican), Edmonton, Alberta

Over the past couple of years, the dining scene of Alberta’s capital city has begun to attract the attention of serious foodies. With a mounting pile of good press (which included having three of Canada’s best new restaurants in 2017), you would be doing yourself a disservice by eating at chain restaurants while here.

Tres Carnales, an unabashedly flamboyant Mexican eatery located on Rice Howard Way in the heart of downtown Edmonton is one spot you shouldn’t miss if you find yourself craving food from south of the border. Offering up an authentic yet stylish take on tacos, tortas, quesadillas, and more, you’ll be tempted to order seconds in spite of your diet.

Be sure to arrive early on weekends, as this popular joint does not take reservations.

Sabor Brasil (Brazilian), Toronto, Ontario

While Brazil may primarily be known for being home to the Amazon rainforest, it is also home to endless pasture land in the southern portions of the country. As a result, the people of this nation have developed a well-honed taste for animal flesh.

This has manifested itself in the development of Brazilian-style BBQ, much of which is served together with other Portuguese-Brazilian classics like Picanha and Moqueca at Sabor Brasil in Toronto. A homely environment where Brazilian expats come to watch football and enjoy some home cooking, it is an excellent spot to connect with this nation’s culture on a culinary and human level.

Last Updated on October 17, 2023

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