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4 Best Kayaking Destinations in the United Kingdom

Kayaking is one of the most exciting water sports in the world and is continuously on the rise. However, while there is plenty of amazing destination to go kayaking in throughout Europe and the rest of the world, the UK is one of the hottest destinations for kayaking fanatics. The United Kingdom definitely has some of the best kayaking locations and you can carry on reading to find out which are the best so you can then make a decision on where to visit next. Four of my favorite places to go Kayaking in the UK.

Best Kayaking Destinations in the UK

Best Kayaking Destinations in the UK

Isle of Man

The Isle of Man is definitely a hidden gem in the heart of the British Isles and is a relatively new hot spot for those who love kayaking. The coastline of the Isle of Man is completely varied and so you can experience its full beauty when you visit the different coastlines kayaking. What’s also cool about this destination is that in the summer months, hoards of basking sharks stay here, which is an amazing sight to see.

West Coast of Scotland

You will find Scotland entering this list a few times and it is definitely a favorite amongst kayakers. The west coast of Scotland is absolutely stunning as it is filled with islands and sea lochs. You can go on the kayakers whiskey trail which will see you navigate your way across the western isles of Jura and Islay and you will find along the way distilleries at both Bunnahabhain and Caighouse Caol Ila. The weather in Scotland can definitely be temperamental, so if you cannot get out onto the open sea then you can always visit a deep, sheltered sea loch which provides an amazing adventure. If you are switching between the sea and lochs, you may need to take with you different types of kayaking seats that will best fit with your environment. The Best Kayak Reviews have this guide to kayak seats, which can give you all the information you need on the perfect kayak seat for this type of holiday.


Another fantastic destination to visit if you are looking to go kayaking in Shetland. This has the raw northern exposure, and it actually has the same degree of latitude as the South of Greenland. However, you will tend to find that the climate is actually rather mild. Due to the big ocean swell, the rugged coast has a lot of character and there are plenty of sea cliffs with little coves and beaches. What many people love about this destination is the vast array of sea caves here, which are extremely large and are a wonder to look at.


If you are a very experienced kayaker looking for a challenge, then we have the perfect destination for you – Anglesey. The waters here are quite turbulent and will test even the most skilled of kayakers, There are sheltered areas along the east coast, and you’ll find plenty of gentler waves at Ynys Dulas and Puffin Island. This is also perfect for those who love wildlife, as you may be able to spot seals and porpoises!

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