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Best Ideas for a Dinosaur Themed Party

All children go through a stage where they absolutely love dinosaurs. They are fascinating creatures, and fortunately for parents, this means you can plan the most amazing party for them and their friends. With so many theme-related ideas, it is impossible to go ahead without a plan. So, here are some ideas for a dinosaur-themed party that will make it a fun, memorable occasion. 

Plan Dino-Centric Activities

You can’t have a party without some games and activities. There must be some structured events to help the day run smoothly and keep the little ones entertained. Thankfully, there’s plenty to pick from, from small crafts to stomping dance competitions. Plan one or two and don’t forget the prizes! 

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Scavenger Hunt Time

One popular idea is to center the whole party around a scavenger hunt. Print out some pictures of well-known dinosaurs and send the kids out with clues to find them all before the time is up. You will need a printer and some creative flair to pull it off, and this tends to be a more successful activity for slightly older children (aged 6 and up). It can be adapted for smaller tots too; they may just need a little help from their grownups. 

Create a Dig Site

An alternate option is to create a dig site in your own backyard. Use a pre-existing sandpit or put down some tarpaulin and cover it with sand. Bury some dinosaur toys or fossil shapes and let the adventure begin. Make sure you have all the brushes and spades ready and turn it into a competition about who can find the most. 

The Full Jurassic Park Vibe

No themed party feels complete without suitable decorations. There are so many amazing dinosaur themed room decorations to bring the whole theme together nicely, and very few limits to what you actually do. If you want a life-size model for the garden to really inspire the wow factor, this is possible. You can also hire mini electronic rides, find backdrops, make a bespoke cake fit for the day, and make amazing photo opportunity spots too. The full Jurassic Park vibe is entirely achievable thanks to the increase in demand for dino-centric décor, and parents can take advantage regardless of their budget or space restrictions. 

Prehistoric Party Bags

You cannot forget the goody bags. While you are never obligated to hand out party loot, your kids will definitely be expecting it. Figure out how much you want to spend, and dive into the online research. There are big box kits that have one of everything for every guest, or you could go for a more personal approach and source of bespoke craft products in place of the smaller toys. Add in a dinosaur shaped cookie or sweet treat, and everyone will be able to take a little piece of the prehistoric magic home with them. 

Hosting a dinosaur themed birthday party has never been easier. The world has definitely caught up with how popular this theme actually is, and parents are all but spoilt for choice. 

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