Best Hot Springs in Paso Robles, California

This city is well known for its fertile soil, and for the production of some of the best wines in the country, but many people make their way to enjoy the many hot springs Paso Robles has to offer. Hot springs have proven to be one of the healthiest ways to get rid of stressful daily life, whether you are looking for a retreat or a spa day, you sure are covered here. That’s why I’m going to list the best hot springs in Paso Robles, CA.

Paso Robles is a small city located in San Luis Obispo County, California. The city is well-known for its many wineries, olive oil productions, almond orchards, and for its hot springs. Paso Robles is also located on the Salinas River and was called “California’s oldest watering place” many years ago, as a place to go to take a swim in hot springs and take mud baths.

Despite the fact that some mineral hot springs in Paso Robles, have been warded off due to natural disasters or growth plans, most of the springs are located in their original place. Many people visit the old hot springs that have been around for many years for wellness retreats and spa getaways, but besides they are old, it has been flying under the radar for many more people. This leads us to today’s list.

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People taking a bath at franklin hot spring in paso robles ca
People taking a bath at Franklin Hot Spring in Paso Robles ca. Source: Flickr

Best Hot Springs in Paso Robles, California

Franklin Hot Springs

Franklin Hot Springs is located in the northeast of the city, off Creston Road, and is probably one of the most popular natural hot springs in Paso Robles. As they state on their website, the location counts with a hot spring with the water temperature just right, at 100.1 F after it exits the ground and at 97 F in the swimming areas. The water is positively charged with minerals like potassium, calcium, magnesium, fluoride, and sodium. Making it perfect for everyone.

Not only that, they offer fishing, and boating experiences, and something that picked up my attention is that they also offer (sometimes) an honor system, where they encourage people to deposit the entrance fee in a can at the entrance of the springs.

A great place not only for taking a relaxing bath in a natural spring in Paso Robles, but to enjoy many types of wildlife too.

Useful information

  • Entrance Fee: $8 per person and $5 for 14 years and under (Prices include the boating and fishing experience). There are many types of passes too,
  • Open: The hot spring is open from 7:30 a.m. to 9 p.m., from Monday through Sunday.
  • Address: 3015 Creston Road, Paso Robles, California 93446
  • Phone: 805-712-5372
  • Website: https://franklinhotsprings.com/

Paso Robles Inn

This one can be cataloged as a more luxurious experience since it offers tons of stuff you can expect from a hotel. Located in downtown Paso Robles, across from the town square. Paso Robles Inn is an establishment founded in 1889. The inn offers all the amenities you need for a comfortable stay, different comfy types of rooms and suites, a stakehouse, lounge, and meeting room. Also, they offer wi-fi connection.

If you want to take a swim in hot spring sulfur water, you would need to book the Deluxe Spa rooms, where you’ll get the water directly on a tub on the patio of your room.

The Inn also offers wine tours, which can be a nice experience too.

Useful information

River Oaks Hot Springs Spa

River Oaks is the best hot springs spa in Paso Robles, it’s located on the North East side of the city. When it comes to the spa, this location offers a wide variety of services, from soaking yourself in the mineral hot spring to the open-air spa. All of this is on top of amazing views of the vineyards, lake, and hills of the city.

Among the services, River Oaks offers you can find massages, waxing, facials, and skin therapy. One of the popular packages called Sip and Soak offers a Paso Robles wine-tasting experience at the outdoor mineral tub. That way you can get to know the best two sides of the city.

Useful information:

  • Prices: $28 per person for the natural mineral water swim and a mid-week special for Tuesdays and Wednesdays at $32 for 2 persons.
  • Open: 9 am to 9 pm from monday to sunday
  • Address: 800 Clubhouse Drive Paso Robles, CA 93446
  • Phone: (805) 238-4600
  • Email: frontdesk@riveroakshotsprings.com


Each of these different sites offers the same great feeling a hot spring will give you. There are many more springs in the area close to Paso Robles, like Sycamore Hot Spring which 10-min drive from the city, but I keep it out of the list since I wanted to highlight the ones that are in the city. Hot springs are the best way to relax and take advantage of the many benefits that water has.

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Last Updated on October 25, 2023

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