Best Beach Destinations and Islands in Thailand for Honeymoons

Thailand is one of the Best Destinations in Southeast Asia and the world for a perfect and Romantic Honeymoon Vacation. There are many things that you should consider when booking or browsing for Thailand Honeymoon Packages. Among these things, we can mention the Destinations Covered, the length of the honeymoon that you want to Spend, and the Budget range that you allow yourself to spend during your Trip. 

In this article, We will only be highlighting the best honeymoon destinations in Thailand that you should Consider visiting when Traveling to the Land of Smiles

Best Beach Destinations and Islands in Thailand for honeymoons: 

Thailand has many Beach Destinations and Islands all around the Country, each has its unique vibes and Characteristics. Below are Some of the Best islands and Beach Destinations that you should Consider Visiting when Traveling to Thailand during your honeymoon trip: 

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Koh Samui

Koh Samui is one of the most famous islands Located in Surat Thani Province. It has many beaches with Multiple Accommodation Options within Several Budget ranges and Hotel Categories. 

This Destination is considered a More Premium Destination when compared to other islands Located in Southern Thailand such as Phuket and Koh Tao. The Accommodation and Activities Prices are usually more expensive than the ones available on the other nearby islands.

The Most Famous Beaches in Koh Samui are Lamai Beach and Chaweng Beach. Chaweng Beach is considered the island’s City Center where you can find most of the shops, Nightlife Outlets, and more.

Koh Tao

Koh Tao is a Small island also Located in Surat Thani Province (North of Koh Samui). This Island is Famous for Being one of the Best Spots in Thailand for Snorkeling and Diving activities. There is a nearby beautiful Island Located just next to Koh tao which is called Koh Nangyuan Island. You can Go for a One day Trip from Koh Tao to Koh Nangyuan and Enjoy Snorkeling, Diving and other Beach and Water Activities. 

It’s really recommended to Split your stay Between Koh Samui and Koh Nangyuan in your Honeymoon Plans in case you will be visiting Surat Thani Province during your Trip to Thailand.

Phi Phi Islands

Phi Phi islands are Located in Krabi Province in the Middle of the Andaman Sea. Many people Visit Phi Phi Islands for only a One Day Trip either from Krabi or From Phuket, However, you can also Stay for Several Nights on this island in one of the Amazing Beach Resorts located there such as Saii Phi Phi Island Resort, Holiday Phi Phi Resort and more. 

Reaching the Phi Phi Islands is Simple from Phuket or Krabi, you will just need to take a Speed Boat or a Ferry Boat. (Some of the Hotels Operate their Own Boat Schedules for their Clients)


Phuket is the Most Famous and most visited island in Thailand. It’s also considered the largest island in the Country. Phuket International Airport receives thousands of Tourists on a Daily Basis from Different Countries from all around the world. 

Phuket has Many Beaches Where you can Enjoy your Stay. If you are Looking for a Quiet holiday away from the Crowds in a hideaway beach, then you should be looking for Cape Panwa, Bangtao, Maikhao, or Surin Beach. 

Patong beach is the Most Crowded Place on the Island, where you can find all the nightlife, Restaurants, and Shopping Venues Open.

There are lots of day Tours and activities that you can do from Phuket such as Boat Trips to nearby Islands including Phi Phi islands, James Bond Island, Surin Island, Similan Island, and more. 

Other than the Boat Trips, there are other activities that you can do as well such as attending a Night Cultural Show at Phuket Fantasea or Phuket Carnival, exploring an Elephant Sanctuary and Spending a Full Day with these lovely creatures and many more.


Krabi is one of the most beautiful beach destinations in Thailand. It’s Located Close to Phuket, Just around 2 and Half hours drive from Phuket International Airport. Krabi has its own international Airport as well, However the number of Flights arriving at the Airport cannot be compared to the ones that arrive at Phuket International airport on a Daily Basis.

There are many Activities that can be done from Krabi such as Visiting nearby islands including Talay weak, Kai Island, Phi Phi islands, and Hong Island. 

Other than the Islands’ Visits, You can also enjoy an unforgettable Kayaking Experience in AO Thalane where you can see the mangrove forests and some wildlife animals in their natural Habitat. 

There are Several Accommodation Options within Several budget ranges available in Krabi. The Most Famous Beach in Krabi is AO Nang beach, where you can find most of the Shopping outlets, Nightlife, and Restaurants. 

Another amazing beach that you should visit during your Stay in Krabi is Railay Beach. 

Other than the Beach Destinations, there are other Destinations to that you should consider visiting during your trip to Thailand such as: 


Kanchanaburi is a Tropical Rainforest destination located just about 3 hour’s drive from Bangkok. This Destination used to be a war Zone during World War 2, therefore, you can visit some of the World War 2 Historical Sights during your Visit to kanchanaburi such as the death railway, Kanchanaburi Cemetery, River Kwai Bridge, and More. 

In addition to the Historical Sights, you can also Visit Erawan waterfall, which is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Thailand. This waterfall consists of 7 Levels. You can climb up to the highest level that you can reach and enjoy Swimming in the Fresh clear Waters in the Middle of nature.

You have 2 Options when visiting kanchanaburi, Either do a one-day visit from Bangkok and come back on the same day, or you can overnight in one of the Floating Resorts on the river kwai and Enjoy an Exceptional Accommodation Experience for one or two nights. 

Chiang Mai 

Chiang Mai is Located in the Northern Part of Thailand. This Province is Rich with Cultural and Historical Sights that you can visit during your stay. In addition to The Culture and History, Chiang Mai is also Rich with many natural Sights and Environments in the city’s surrounding Mountains.

You can Visit Some amazing temples During your stay in Chiang Mai Such as Doi Inthanoon and Doi Suthep. Visit a Local Tribe Village, and Enjoy a Day in an Elephant Sanctuary. 

There are many accommodation Options available in Chiang Mai, From Budget to Luxury Accommodation Options. 

You can Also Visit Nearby provinces through a One Day trip from Chiang Mai Such as Lampang an Chiang Rai for just a couple of hours’ drive.


Bangkok, the Capital of Thailand, was the most visited city in the World during the year 2018 and 2019. There are plenty of activities and things to do in the Capital Bangkok. You can take a Boat Trip in the Chaophraya River and Bangkok canals to explore the capital by Boat. 

You can also Visit the Damnoen Floating Market and the Grand Palace in Bangkok and get in touch with the Local Culture and Thai History with the explanations of a professional English Speaking Guide. You can also visit of the theme parks operating in Bangkok such as Safari world and Dream World. 

There are many accommodation Options available in Bangkok, from Hostels to Ultimate Luxury 5 Stars Resorts.

Royal Vacation Thailand is one of the Leading Destination Management Companies and Tour Operators in Thailand with Many awards received from International Recognized organizations due to the exceptional Services Provided by its team. It’s recommended to Plan your Honeymoon trip with these local Experts to Ensure an unforgettable Holiday in the Land of Smiles in Safe hands.

Last Updated on June 18, 2023

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