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Top 10 Best Golf Destinations Worldwide

If you’re a golf enthusiast, playing on your vacation can be a dream. Don’t book your next trip until you read through this list of the 10 best golf destinations across the globe. Best golf destinations from around the world that you should visit as an enthusiast looking to play where the professionals do.

Golf Destinations Worldwide

Did you know that golf can help prevent chronic disease? Studies from the University of Edinburgh show that playing golf has many benefits both physically and mentally.

Are you someone who has caught on to the sport of golf?

Whether you like to play just for fun or for benefits such as balance and muscle endurance, golf is a great activity to unwind or to play with others. Studies show that in the US alone, almost 10% of the population plays golf.

Read on for a list of the top 10 golf destinations in the world.

Best Golf Destinations in the World

Palm Springs, California

Palm Springs is one of the top resort destinations in the US. In the early part of the 1920s, Palm Springs was a getaway for the Hollywood elite. Now, hotels and resorts have popped up consistently throughout the years, making it a popular vacation destination with some of the most beautiful golf courses in the world.

Palm Springs has some of the best golf courses in Southern California. There are over 100 public and private courses throughout the region, for all different levels and budgets.

Indian Wells Golf Resort is one of the most well-known golf resorts in Palm Springs. Indian Wells Golf Resort has 36 holes and is ranked in the top 20 courses in California by Golfweek magazine.

There is also a lot to do in the area besides golfing. For those traveling with a family or other companions, there are several options for others. There are hot springs, shopping, bike trails, and horseback riding.

Phuket, Thailand

Phuket in Thailand is known for having some of the most luxurious and relaxing resorts in the world. Besides the wonderful beaches and spas, there are also some incredible golf courses that have been touted as some best-golfing destinations in Asia.

The Banyan Tree in Phuket has been recognized numerous times as Asia’s best golf destination. This is no small feat considering the number of exemplary golf courses in Asia.

The Banyan Tree has 71 courses and was the work of architect Paul Jansen. Imagine hitting a hole-in-one with the sandy beaches of Thailand in the background. Definitely a great choice for a relaxing and fun vacation.

Northland Region, New Zealand

New Zealand has no shortage of stunning scenery. The country is known for its rolling green hills and beautiful landscape. It is no wonder that some beautiful golf courses have been built here.

The Lodge at Kauri Cliffs is one of the most stunning golf properties in the country, set in the Bay of Islands. The resort sits on the coast above Matauri Bay with views over the Cavalli Islands, Cape Brett, and the Pacific Ocean.

The course features 72 holes and has five sets of tees to challenge every golfing level. More than 15 holes overlook the Pacific Ocean, while some of the other holes have you playing along with the cliffs.

Not only is this course fun and challenging, it also has some of the most beautiful scenery serving as a backdrop. New Zealand is a great option for anyone looking for a relaxing and beautiful getaway.

Napa, California

Napa in California is known for being one of the premier wine regions in the world. Along with the exception of wine, it is also home to several incredible golf courses and resorts.

Located in the Napa wine region, the Silverado Resort and Spa is one of the most popular golf destinations in the area. The resort has two championship courses designed by PGA Hall of Famer Johnny Miller.

Not only are their golf courses that you can play, but there are also many choices that the resort provides to help you with your game. They offer golf coaches and golf swing therapy sessions that can help you have the best golf experience during your stay.

The resort also has a world-class spa that offers massage and reflexology treatments that can help you unwind after a long day on the green. And it doesn’t need to be said that Napa, being one of the best wine regions in the world, has hundreds of wineries and tasting rooms that can also make your vacation a great one.

Algarve, Portugal

Portugal is one of the few places in Europe where you can play golf any day of the year. The sunny Algarve region in Portugal boasts some of the greatest golf courses on the continent.

Golf is a way of life in the Algarve region. The award-winning courses and resorts host several international golfing tournaments. Located in the southernmost region of Portugal, the Algarve is known for its stunning Atlantic beaches.

The low cliffs looking over the beach are lined with hotels, bars, and restaurants. The popular golf courses also have stunning scenery as a backdrop.

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado Springs is one of the most beautiful places in the US. It is also home to the Broadmoor property.

The Broadmoor was founded in 1918 and at the time was known as the highest elevation golf course in the United States. The resort has three courses, giving you plenty of options to stay on the green while drinking in the beautiful mountain views.

The Broadmoor property has hosted several famous international and national golfing tournaments. It is a world-class resort for golfing and a great choice for a luxury holiday.

Colorado Springs in itself is a beautiful city with plenty to offer. There are lots of outdoor activities as well as great restaurants and places to go.

Newcastle, Ireland

There are many courses in the world that offer spectacular views, but few can compare to Newcastle, Ireland. The course is set within a stretch of dunes along the Irish Sea.

The Royal County Down Golf Club is one of the oldest golf clubs in Newcastle and has been open for over 129 years. The sand dunes are beautiful and historic in themselves.

With the rolling hills and breathtaking sand dunes, there is much to do in the picturesque region of Newcastle. If you have loved ones with you during your vacation, there are many options for them to enjoy themselves.

Monterey, California

Monterey in California is the home of the renowned and award-winning Pebble Beach Golf Resort. The golf course is known by people that don’t follow or even play the sport.

The famed resort has attracted famous politicians, celebrities, and athletes. There are three distinct accommodations on-site, which allow you to relax in style and also experience one of the most famous courses in the world.

There are five different courses on the property, giving you many options to spend as much time on the green as you want. Although staying and playing on the property is expensive, the experience will definitely be worth it.

Andalucia, Spain

Andalucia, Spain is home to the famous Valderrama Golf Club. It has won several awards, most notably the golf destination of the year for Europe.

The Valderrama Golf Club is on the must-play list for many golfers. Along with the stunning scenery, it is a fun and challenging course. The club has a single 18-hole course as well as a 9-hole par 3 course.

With over 300 days of sun a year, there is a lot more to do than just quality golf. There is great food, dancing, and cultural spots to visit.

St. Andrews, Scotland

Scotland is known as the birthplace of golf. It is one of the key cultural icons of the country. Scotland has more than 550 golf courses and is divided into seven popular regions.

The most popular is St. Andrews, home to the Old Course. The Old Course at St. Andrews is considered the oldest golf course in the world. The most avid golfers in the world consider playing the course a must-do on their bucket lists.

There are also many other renowned courses throughout the country, all of them different to accommodate different budgets and groups. Many companies offer golf packages to suit your needs, discover more to figure out the best fit for your vacation needs.

Ready to Choose from the Best Golf Destinations?

There are some incredible golf destinations all over the world, each with its own unique features. If you are a golf enthusiast, there are some great choices for you to not only enjoy playing some golf, but also explore some new places with your loved ones if you know where to go.

No matter what part of the world you would like to explore, there are some great golf courses that you can play. Some courses are historic and some are newer, but each course has its perks.

Check us out for more information about all things travel and to learn how to find the best vacation destinations for any occasion.

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