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Best Golf Clubs for Beginners – Which Ones to Buy

A golf club essential allows you to enjoy playing golf in a beautiful way. Moreover, golf is a unique sport due to the presence of various clubs. However, beginners may not know the beauty of this game because they have not played it before. For a complete golf game, it’s important to use the right golf clubs. It’s important to research the different kinds of golf clubs out there, what they are good for and the right ones for you.

Best Golf Clubs for Beginners

As a golf beginner, probably you’re encountering challenges while trying to hit the ball. There is a high chance that you’ve not used the best golf club before so as to scale up your skill level. In order to be a competent golfer, you’ll need to use the various types of golf clubs. However, this might seem complicated but with time you’ll become familiar with all these clubs and your golf gaming skills will eventually shoot.

Golf Club Basics for Beginners

Before deciding on the golf club you want to use, it is important if you know the best club for beginners and the time you will use them. Understanding the golf club basics is the first thing to do. Knowing these basics will make your gaming skills simple and you would not encounter any trouble when it comes to choosing the appropriate club for every single shot. It’s also important to to find out how many clubs in a golf bag?

A typical golf club comprises of three major components which include; the Shaft, Grip, and Head. Every component plays an important role; hence a club cannot be complete without them. A grip is used for holding the club and its material is made soft so that it offers comfort while holding the club. The head, on the other hand, is used for accuracy and trajectory. The shaft is also critical for play ability. Apart from figuring out the golf club components, it is also crucial for you to know the exact golf club numbers necessary for paying an excellent golf game. A golfer is allowed to use a maximum of fourteen clubs, which are stored in a bag while playing professionally. As a beginner, you’ll be required to use all of them and these include; Putter, Driver, Wedges, Woods, and Irons. Knowing the exact purpose of each club is very important, although you may use a single club for different purposes.

Golf Club Types and Their Purposes

Generally, beginners can use five major types of golf clubs. These clubs have been discussed below:

1. Drivers

Every golf beginner is supposed to use this standard club. Moreover, regardless w of whether one is a professional or beginner, the club is a standard instrument for playing golf and should not miss on your set of golf clubs.

2. Fairway Woods

You’ll need this club to help you hit the ball further once it falls on the fairways. The club is crucial when your ball is on the fairways because it will enable you make the shots. When compared with the driver, this club tends to be smaller and doesn’t stand out like the rest of the clubs in your set. If you need accuracy, the Fairway Woods is the right club to use because it makes accurate shorts than those of the driver.

3. Irons

These types of golf clubs are used when you are a few distance from the green, lets below 200 yards. Moreover, the club comes in various types and most of your golf clubs are made up of the Iron clubs.

4. Hybrids

This type of club was developed recently. It introduced a few years ago and has not stayed in the gold club sport for more than ten years. The club is crucial for golf games because it comes with an impressive distance shooting. It is preferred by a majority of golf player today.

5. Wedges

These are simply special iron types that are used for making a certain short. Pitching Wedge is the commonly used club because it contains a loft that is placed in between forty-six and forty-eight degrees. While playing the golf game, these types of clubs will allow you to have unlimited fun and are mostly used when you are next to the green. As such, they have been designed to make sharp shots rather than control the shots.

6. Putters

This type of club is used for putting golf balls into the hole, hence the name. However, the club is used only once, when you are ready to put the ball into the hole from the green.

The above tips would help beginners make the right choices while playing the golf game.

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